X is reportedly working on a new game streaming and live shopping element

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X wants to lure more creators to its platform and is reportedly testing a new game streaming and live shopping element.

The new function is consistent with Elon Musk’s goals, who obviously want to attract more creators to his platform. X is testing Basic, a Twitch-like game streaming service that is currently only available to premium subscribers, according to Engadget.

Musk demonstrated the new function in a 54-minute Diablo IV stream that was published from an unidentified Twitter account with the handle @cyb3rgam3r420. Musk acknowledged that X was testing the feature in a later reply to the account.

A video was also shared by X engineer Mark Kalman demonstrating how premium users can set up game streaming from their accounts by linking Open Broadcaster Software to their Twitter account through X Media Studio.

If this is just a test, no one knows for now, but a new game streaming and live feature will definitely have a positive impact on X in terms of attracting more creators.

According to Engadget, the feature seems to support viewer comments in the streams but currently lacks most of the creator-centric elements you would normally find on other platforms.

X also said it would soon start experimenting with live shopping features through a new partnership with Paris Hilton. According to Variety, Hilton has signed on to “create four original video content programs per year that include live-shopping features

According to reports, Twitter is developing direct message-calling features with video and audio. According to reports, this feature will only be available to Blue subscribers, who, incidentally, are currently the center of attention.

The upcoming feature was posted online by Twitter user T(w)itter who posted a screenshot of how the element looks on his page.

I think it is a fantastic feature to look forward to. Although this has not been confirmed, we might have to wait a while before the rollout is more widespread.

Twitter is reportedly working on a video download feature. According to Twitter user Nima Owji, the new button will come with options that enable creators to disable or enable it in settings.

The download button is placed just below the playback option and will allow you to download videos straight from Twitter. This will eliminate or reduce the use of third-party download apps on the app. 

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