X is reportedly planning to sell some dormant handles

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As previously suggested by owner Elon Musk, X, formerly known as Twitter, plans to sell any unused handles, according to Forbes.

The @Handle Team at X has reportedly begun working on the handle marketplace to purchase account names that their original owners have chosen to sell, according to emails that Forbes was able to obtain. X has been contacting potential buyers via email and asking for a lump-sum payment of $50,000 in order to initiate a transaction.

Everyone knows that X needs to expand its revenue base, but charging as much as $50,000 for an X handle is difficult to understand. Why would anyone want to pay that much for a handle when creating a new one only takes a couple of minutes?

Elon Musk declared in May that Twitter was cleaning out dormant accounts to make room for @handles. This was announced by the billionaire owner of Twitter via his handle, with a warning that it would cause the number of followers to decline.

You should definitely search for the username you have always desired at this time. However, you may need to act quickly because scammers and spammers will likely be searching for those handles as well.

What then happens to those accounts’ inactive tweets? What happens to the monetization status of those who see a sharp decline in their follower count? Given that the decrease would impact the minimum threshold, would they still be able to make money from their accounts?

In related news, Elon Musk thinks that charging new users could be a good way to curtail or lessen the number of bots on X. Musk asserted that charging new users would discourage bots from entering the market since they would have to pay for each profile they made.

New accounts will have the ability to read posts, but they will not be able to tweet, like, or reply in the X app. Users who do not want to pay will only be able to read posts; they will not be able to do anything else.

The platform will be able to assess new accounts for checkmate bots on the microblogging platform thanks to X’s new “Not a Bot” element.

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