X is experimenting on new search filters for Hire

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Credit: Nima Owji

X continues to expand its job feature, with the social media giant reportedly testing new search filters for Hire.

Based on findings by app researcher, Nima Owji, X is adding role seniority filters, along with company name search, role type, and more to Hire.

The addition will bring X almost at the same level with LinkedIn, and other job posting platforms, which will enable relevant discovery within the app.

In 2023, X officially launched its job listing elements for verified organizations. With the rollout, verified organizations on the X platform started adding job listings to their profiles.

Businesses with a gold checkmark can add an open role shelf to their profile. This will appear above their main timeline and below their profile bio and follower counts.

When you tap on the “View all jobs” CTA, you will be able to see all available options currently listed by the company, which allows you to apply for each (via third-party hosting) by tapping on the specific job detail.

The job listing element was first spotted by X user Nima Owji, who posted a screenshot. According to the description back then, the feature would serve as a “convenient way to feature your latest job openings.”

Verified organizations can start posting openings that will then allow job seekers to click and apply for jobs they are interested in via Twitter.

This sounds like a good move, especially in terms of making more revenue, which has been Twitter’s major challenge since the change of ownership.

Already, X serves as a platform where people connect and help or link businesses and people together.

The feature allows you to post new job openings by title, salary, URL, and Location. Companies will also be able to post or add a salary range for interested job hunters.

Almost three months after the beta version was made available only to Premium users, X officially launched its job search feature on the web.

Jobs are currently available on the platform from a number of tech companies, some of which are owned by Elon Musk. While the job posting appears to be fairly basic at the moment, this is expected to change shortly.

Visitors are able to peruse job descriptions and listings, but they are redirected to external websites in order to finish the application process.

Businesses with a gold checkmark can add an open-role shelf to their profile. This will appear above their main timeline and below their profile bio and follower counts.

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Author: Ola Ric

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