X has launched extended profile bios on the web

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For users who have upgraded to premium status, X has launched an expanded profile bio display, according to X News Daily. You can tap on a “View more” prompt when you visit a profile that offers the recently launched expanded profile option in order to learn more about the user.

The new feature will make it clearer what you or your business are about or interested in, and it will also give you more access to share that information with others.

As part of X’s larger strategy to make its platform more interactive for users, it is also possible that the new profile section will eventually include shops, job listings, location information, and much more.

You can now limit replies to only users who have verified their identity, thanks to a recent update from X. This suggests that you can only allow verified platform users to respond. This feature, which has already started to roll out, is available to all users.

It surprises a lot of people to learn that this feature is available to all users at no charge. Most of the recent features that Musk and his team have released are only available to premium subscribers. Making this new feature available to all users is commendable, though.

In other news, the microblogging service has started removing user-posted headlines and excerpts from links.

Remember how Elon Musk hinted at this change in August, saying it was his idea and that it would improve X significantly.

Now, when you visit one of the media outlets you follow on X to read a new story, only the article’s image with an overlay of its URL will be visible on iOS. However, you will still find a headline summary and an article excerpt online.

Although the responses from advertisers to this were not what was anticipated, it is clear that X is still moving forward with its plans. X is obviously doing this because it makes the posts appear more compact, cramming more posts into the timeline area that is visible on the screen.

Furthermore, Musk reportedly believes it might reduce clickbait on the website, which by definition relies on headlines with shock value.

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Author: Ola Ric

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