X has added adult content setting for group users

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This may sound a bit controversial, but the truth is that it may take a bit of time to really get a grab on X’s latest adult content setting.

That said, X (formerly Twitter) has added an adult content setting for its communities.

According to Bloomberg, users who create a community within the X app can now specify in the settings that their group contains adult-sensitive content. The X group, according to the report, will then feature an “adult content” label. Users who fail to label their community, according to Bloomberg, could have some of their content either filtered or removed by X.

As expected, the report caused a lot of reactions and speculations, with some users saying that X was actually working towards adult content on the app.

X, in its reaction, said:

To be clear, this setting is about making Communities safer for everyone by automatically filtering out NSFW content. Only users who have specified their age will be able to search Communities with NSFW content.”

X’s response seems to have calmed the nerves of most users, at least for now; at least we now know that the feature is a protective one and not necessarily a new revenue drive from the company.

In other news, X continues to expand its job feature, with the social media giant reportedly testing new search filters for Hire.

Based on findings by app researcher Nima Owji, X is adding role seniority filters, along with company name search, role type, and more, to Hire.

The addition will bring X almost to the same level as LinkedIn and other job posting platforms, which will enable relevant discovery within the app.

In 2023, X officially launched its job listing elements for verified organizations. With the rollout, verified organizations on the X platform started adding job listings to their profiles.

Businesses with a gold checkmark can add an open-role shelf to their profile. This will appear above their main timeline and below their profile bio and follower counts.

When you tap on the “View all jobs” CTA, you will be able to see all available options currently listed by the company, which allows you to apply for each (via third-party hosting) by tapping on the specific job detail.

The job listing element was first spotted by X user Nima Owji, who posted a screenshot. According to the description back then, the feature would serve as a “convenient way to feature your latest job openings.”

Verified organizations can start posting openings, which will then allow job seekers to click and apply for jobs they are interested in via Twitter.

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Author: Ola Ric

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