X adds timestamp links for video uploads

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Credit: Social Media Today

X has added a new feature that will make it easier to go through the app’s longer videos. Going forward, users will have the ability to incorporate timestamp links into their attached videos.

You have the option of including timestamp listings in your post, which viewers can tap to jump to a particular playback segment.

To add timestamps to your X video uploads, simply add in-time markers in the post. 

Here is how X explained it in a post:

While composing a post containing a video, a timestamp will automatically become clickable on iOS once you post if you reference a specific time in the video in any of the following formats:





X also notes that you can add up to 50 timestamp references per upload, but clickable timestamps will only appear on posts with a single video attached.

The addition is a useful tool for guiding viewers to a specific area of a video, particularly when it comes to quickly accessing the most important information.

In the meantime, X is making a major investment in long-form video, which will likely be its primary focus in the upcoming months.

Voice and video calling, according to social media analyst Matt Navara, are being introduced by X. This represents a huge departure from the platform as it has always been.

It seems that some iOS users are now able to use the platform to make both audio and video calls. While video calls are still not possible from direct messages, some iOS X users can now make audio calls from them.

Elon Musk intends to develop X into a feature-rich platform that enables users to perform a variety of functions. Whether users will actually utilize the new feature remains to be seen, especially considering the multitude of other options available these days.

It is currently unknown if premium subscribers will be the only ones able to make audio and video calls, but if that does happen, it will not be shocking.

Elon Musk believes that charging new users could be a viable solution to reduce or eliminate the number of bots on X. Musk claimed that since new users would have to pay for each profile they created, charging them would deter bots from entering the market.

New accounts will have post-reading capabilities but will not have the ability to tweet, like, or reply within the X app. Individuals who choose not to pay will be limited to reading posts; they will not be able to access any other content.

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