X adds the option to embed videos and broadcasts as standalone from posts

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A new feature that lets you choose whether to embed the entire post or just a specific video element has been enabled by X. It implies that a video can be embedded both inside the body of a post and as a stand-alone.

This new functionality could be helpful in a couple of ways, including helping to present videos that originate from X on other websites. It will also be useful when it comes to adding context to your blog post, for example.

However, it could reduce brand exposure for X, which is probably the reason the feature was not enabled before now.

In other news, Elon Musk has confirmed that its AI chatbot, Grok, is scheduled to be launched this week. This is coming a couple of weeks after the company announced that it was getting set to throw its hat into the AI ring.

In a tweet last week, Musk said the product will be launched to all X Premium+ subscribers this week. 

App developer Nima Owji shared a screenshot showing that Grok will require a subscription from non-Premium+ users in order to use it.

As part of additional benefits that were previously disclosed when the product was launched a couple of weeks ago, X Premium+ subscribers will have access to the Grok AI Chatbot.

Elon has never shied away from criticizing ChatGPT for what he sees as censoring some answers on particular subjects, so the announcement of his own AI chatbot was not shocking.

Elon believes that information from the company’s new chatbot will be more accurate, especially when it comes to breaking news items. The data that Grok will be receiving from X validates his theory, allowing the system to use user posts as its main source of data.

X needs all the revenue it can get from current and potential Premium+ subscribers, considering its face-off with advertisers on the platform.

With a dozen major advertisers placing a hold on spending, the X CEO has taken a dig at Apple and the likes of other companies and institutions.

Premium+ also has no ads in your timeline.” Musk then followed with what he may see as a selling point – true or not – for his ad-free service. “Many of the largest advertisers are the greatest oppressors of your right to free speech.”

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