Why You Must Perform SEO Audit Now?

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If you have invested money in SEO, don’t forget to perform an SEO audit as part of your strategy. 

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Are you wondering why you must perform an SEO audit? The simple answer is to remain on top of your game. 

Optimizing your site for the search engine contributes to your site’s success. It’s critical for the success of your eCommerce, affiliate site, etc. 

You may have a social media campaign. But if your site isn’t optimized, your site can’t compete well. 

suggests that by conducting a technical SEO audit, you will have an idea of your site’s ranking and the things you must do to improve it.

Auditing your site requires crawling it. Various tools can automatically do it for you. You may use Ahrefs, SEMrush, Spyfu, and many others. 

The crawlers can find errors, like bad keywords, broken links, etc. They can also identify any unliked pages, duplicate content, and excess redirects. 

If you don’t like paying for those tools, you can just use Google Search Console. However, the information that this tool can provide is limited. 

That’s why many recommend the use of those paid tools. 

In this list, we put together some of the critical benefits of SEO audit. 

1) Eliminate Black Hat SEO Practices 

Black hat SEO was common in the earlier days of search engine optimization. Website owners used keyword stuffing and cloaking as part of their SEO strategy. 

But black hat SEO is a strategy that violates the search engine’s terms of service. When you conduct an SEO audit, you will find those black hat SEO practices that you once followed. 

During the audit, you can remove those toxic links that can be harmful to your rankings. When you eliminate them, it may help in improving your site’s SEO performance. 

2) Delete Pages with Thin Content 

These pages are pages that don’t bring in any traffic at all. They are there but people don’t notice them. 

Deleting these pages may help improve your ranking and boost your Google traffic. According to Moz, one eCommerce site experienced an increase in its search engine traffic after eliminating 11k product pages. 

One of the reasons that this may help your ranking and traffic is that Google wants to rank sites with stronger page, instead of many smaller pages. 

It means that it won’t matter if you published 1,000 pages. Your site will fail if these pages don’t offer useful information. 

After deleting those pages, focus on providing high-quality content on every page or post that you publish. Even if your site has 20 posts, it will rank well and gain more organic traffic if each post is useful and satisfies searchers’ intent. 

You should delete pages that are under 200 words. It’s either you delete them or update them. 

3) Know the Keywords That are Giving You Traffic 

There might be keywords that are giving you traffic or you get a high ranking for them. But they are useless if the traffic you get isn’t converting. 

During your SEO audit, you will find keywords that are helping you generate traffic and sales. Use those keywords to better understand your buyers or searchers. 

Once you know the keywords that are bringing in traffic, you must create content and optimize it to those keywords. 

This will also help reveal the weaknesses of your SEO campaign. From there, you can adjust it to meet your goals. 

4) Identify Who You’re Competing With 

Every business has a competitor. You won’t know who your competitors are if you don’t conduct an SEO audit. 

These competitors are outranking you for particular keywords. They are beating you in search engine rankings. 

Knowing those competitors can help your SEO campaign. How? You will find out what they are doing in terms of SEO. 

When you know who they are, you can copy their SEO campaign. Find out what keywords they are targeting and what they’re doing to their site to optimize it for those keywords. Are they using infographics, images, or videos? 

Analyzing your competitor will also help you know the sites that are linking to them. You can steal them to help in boosting your ranking and traffic. 

5) Analyze Your Backlinks 

Backlinks are vital for your ranking. They can add credibility to your site. The more links you get, the more authority score you receive. 

But backlinks are only useful if they are organic and not paid. An effective way to build backlinks is through a link building strategy.

Link building is one of the most difficult parts of SEO. The reason for this is that it requires you to reach out to your fellow website owners or bloggers. 

But there’s another way for you to build links without guest posting. You need to create excellent content. 

Backlinks are useful. But are they giving you traffic? You can analyze your backlinks through an SEO audit. 

6) Boost Your Site’s Performance 

When you’re done auditing your site, it will experience a boost in its ranking and traffic. Keep in mind that Google likes to rank a healthy site. 

A site’s performance is key in rankings. As you do an SEO audit, you can alleviate those issues that your site is experiencing. 

These issues can be low speed or problems with your sitemaps. It can also help you repair security issues that your site is experiencing. 

However, the issues that you find during your audit can’t be mitigated immediately. You may need to write more content or update your post. This strategy is time-consuming. 

You should not get discouraged if you don’t see improvement in your traffic or ranking after implementing those changes. Remember that it takes weeks for Google to recognize the changes you made. 

Despite that, you must conduct an SEO audit regularly. If you can, do it every month.


An SEO audit can be time-consuming but it’s a great strategy for you to boost your traffic and ranking. You should do this if you’re not seeing results on your SEO effort. And you must do it regularly.

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