Why Social Media is Important For Businesses?

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Why Social Media is Important For Businesses?

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Those days are now long past when social media was an option for businesses. It is not an essential way to promote your brain, gain valuable insights, reach out to your customers, generate leads, and grow your brand. For businesses, social media plays a very important role and if you are not taking advantage of social media to grow your business then you are missing out on a fast, effective, and cost-effective way to reach out to the audience. Let’s have a closer look at Why Social Media is Important For Businesses? 

Increases Brand Awareness

Almost half or more than half of the world’s population is using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc and these social media platforms have become a new place to reach new and highly potential customers. 

Using Social Media for your business is so important nowadays that people are most likely to buy from brands that they know from the internet. If your business or brand is on social media then you can create brand awareness among the people and let them know about your business. This will increase brand awareness which will result in new customers for your business.

About 60-70% of the social media users log into their accounts at least once every day and about 50% of people check their social media accounts multiple times per day. Social Media gives you the opportunity to connect and interact with your fans and followers. 

Stay top of mind

When you are active on social media, making social posts regarding your business/brand, sharing something informative, or something entreating related to your brand then your social media followers will definitely love your business and would love to see more of your content in their feeds. 

Your brand/business will stand out from the rest of the competition and you will stay at the top of your followers’ minds so, when they will be ready to make a purchase then you will be their top priority.

Increase Website Traffic

Through Social Media, you can drive traffic to your website and improve its growth. Sharing informative and great content from your website onto your social media handles is a great way to attract readers to your website. Most brands/businesses apply this strategy where they make a new post on their website/blog and tease that content in their Twitter/Instagram feed and direct the followers to read the whole story via the link in the bio.

This is a wonderful strategy that is used by many businesses and brands around the world, even huge brands such as ESPN also use the same strategy.  

Doing so will not only increase the exposure of your website to more people but if the website of the design is catchy then readers can also scroll around the website and find more about your business/products. 

Lead Generation

Social Media can also be used for lead generation and it is one of the important things about social media that you can generate leads through specialized advertising formats by social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. that are meant only for lead generation.

Businesses who spend on such specialized advertising end up producing 3-4 times more sales than they would do without advertising and the best thing about social media advertising is that it is cheaper than traditional advertising and you can target a specified location, e.g the place where your business/brand is located.


Of course, how can some forget that Social Media provides a cost-effective approach through which you can improve the visibility of your brand/business, create brand awareness and generate leads. As compared with traditional ways of doing all these things, Social Media offers a very cheaper and cost-effective approach which is beneficial for all types of businesses, especially new businesses. 

Go Viral

Everybody wants their content to go viral but it isn’t that easy. For any piece of content to go viral, it must be entertaining plus the audience must like the content and start liking, commenting, and sharing that post so that it is exposed to a new audience.

As people start to share your content on their social networks, their followers also do the same and it spreads across the internet, getting thousands and millions of views and shares. However, going viral is no easy job but if you think out of the box and make such a post that is different from the rest then of course it can go viral and it would be a huge success for your brand/business. 

An example of going viral is when one TikTok user created choreography for Grammarly’s Youtube ad audio and soon it became a trend and that video got viral which would have been very beneficial for Grammarly.

Using online channels, even government programmes can be advertised to a wide audience. For example, Indian government spread the word regarding its welfare schemes such as & via its official website and other digital channels.

Online Customer Support through Social Media

You can provide customer service and customer support to your customers through your social media handles. People expect brands and businesses to be available on their social media handles and seek help from their social accounts and that too in a quick manner. This can increase the reputation of a brand and the more quickly the response, the happier will be the customers.

Share Information Immediately

Through Social Media, you can create content and share information immediately. Whether it is news regarding your business, announcement, or launching of a new product, it can all be done through social media platforms. This is done by many companies around the world and whenever they need to make any sort of announcement, they do it through their social media handles so that their message reaches out to their audience much faster. 

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