Why is Salesforce so Popular?

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Why is Salesforce so Popular?

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Many successful businesses today understand the need for social media, especially as a tool for customer service. There are many ways to extend customer service on social media, through interaction and engagement. Nevertheless, companies also need to consider other ways to manage customer relations within the business.

While social media is the visible face of a company, there is another front-end system that is perhaps even more important.

A CRM is an extremely popular way to assist in the area of customer relations. In fact, the term means just that. CRM stands for customer relationship management.

One such CRM is Salesforce, which is increasingly popular. What is this exactly, and how does it help businesses with customer relations? 

What is Salesforce?

According to Investopedia, customer resource management encompasses all the direct interactions your business has with its customers. This, therefore, involves sales, and customer service.

As it involves all the interactions your business has with customers, it also refers to marketing campaigns such as those through email, and direct telephone calls.

CRM solutions are designed to help manage customer data, provide better service, and help to preserve long-term relations with customers. Salesforce is a very popular type of CRM. 

Why is Salesforce seeing so much popularity now?

Despite having many competitors including giants such as Adobe, Microsoft, and Oracle, Salesforce is a market leader in the CRM world.

Salesforce covers a lot of areas and offers solutions to any business seeking to grow and improve sales and customer service. The following are some ways in which Salesforce helps.

  • Helps to provide customer service
  • Improves customer engagement
  • Improves remote working
  • Ties together different areas of the business
  • Helps to improve sales and business growth

All of these key areas are assisted through CRMs, but Salesforce promotes this as being capable of being done from anywhere through the cloud. There is also lots of support.

One area making this CRM popular is the support that such as integration, and training. Salesforce consulting experts mean that customers aren’t just ditched after the sale has been confirmed. 

The advantages of using Salesforce

One of the reasons for Salesforce’s popularity is its size. This is also one of the advantages of using Salesforce.

Salesforce is the biggest web-based platform in the world. This leads to numerous, if not countless, apps available for the platform. If that wasn’t enough, then you may be interested to hear about the API links.

By utilizing standard API links, Salesforce allows users to integrate third-party apps and solutions if they should wish. This allows great flexibility and freedom. 

How does Salesforce compare to other solutions?

When it comes to the size of Salesforce, it doesn’t really compare with anyone else.

SalesForce has over 19% of the CRM software market today according to Forbes. When you consider that the CRM market is worth over $40 billion a year globally, this is a huge slice of the pie. Yet, does it reflect the usefulness of the product?

There is no doubt that SalesForce is popular, but how does it stack up next to its competitors? 

Excellent support but could be costly

What constitutes good customer service? Well, if a company producing CRM software cannot provide customer support it should be a big red flag. Salesforce does have good support, but compared to its competitors, it can be expensive.

While Salesforce has some free support, sometimes you will need to pay before you can resolve a problem you have. 

It is too big for some

One of Salesforce’s undoubted advantages is its size. However, this can be a negative too. Salesforce can seem way too big for many small businesses who want to use a CRM system.

In the case of a small business, it is likely another CRM would be more appropriate than Salesforce. 

It can be complex

For companies that need in-depth reporting and data analysis, Salesforce is key. It provides high-end reporting, and all the information a business could need. Nevertheless, some people find it is a little too complicated, and too much for small businesses. 

Customizing Salesforce may be beyond some budgets

Sticking with the theme of small businesses, budgets need to be adhered to. While Salesforce has huge customization potential, it can cost to add on additional features.

Many small businesses need to purchase solutions that don’t keep requiring additional expenditure. 


Despite there being some drawbacks, especially with cost and small business applications, Salesforce is very much the market leader.

It has excellent customization possibilities and works with standard API, so integration is simple. It is no doubt a complex platform, but this means it can deliver in-depth analytical data and reporting, in real-time.

It will connect all those departments that need to be in sync, and help to drive sales forward. All while maintaining customer interaction and service.

However, it just might be too big and too complex for some of the smaller businesses around.

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