Why Growing Tech Startups Need to Think About Office Security

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Why Growing Tech Startups Need to Think About Office Security

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Is your tech company growing? As you move into a bigger office space, you’ll no doubt be busy thinking about equipment, layouts, and all the fun perks you can include to make the return to the office a bit more appealing. But there are some office essentials that, while less exciting, are just as important as the furniture.

Security is one of those issues that you can’t neglect when you’re moving office spaces. How do you restrict access to just the people who belong there? How do you keep staff and equipment safe without breaking the budget?

One thing you can do is invest in one of the . You can buy an ID card printer that makes proximity cards programmable right from your office. These are the top three reasons you should make sure your office is secured with an ID card system.

1) Intellectual Property and Data

Cyber-security is usually top-of-mind for tech companies trying to keep their secrets safe. From patents to consumer data, your company owns a wealth of valuable information that you want to make sure remains secure.

Not only do you need to make sure that your digital information is secure, but you also need to be aware of the dangers of physical theft. The biggest threat to your data is the physical theft of devices because of how much sensitive information is contained on them. You’ll have to assume that all of your passwords and accounts are compromised if a computer disappears.

Laptop theft can cost a business 8 times more than replacing the device. Devices contain passwords, account numbers, and data that you can’t afford to lose. One quarter of device theft among businesses occurs right at the office. Controlling access to your office is the first step you need to take to reduce the risk of physical theft.

A remarkable 84% of businesses say that they have been affected by IT equipment theft. If you think it’s not likely to happen, think again.

2) Physical Security

Consider the safety and security of your people. There are growing risks to people going about their everyday lives. An ID card system with proximity access cards is better than just locking the door. People can move seamlessly in and out of the office – but only those who belong there.

Employees are more productive and better able to concentrate on the task at hand when they’re not worried about security threats or intrusions from the outside world. You can add security with minimal inconvenience to staff through an ID card system.

3) Save on Security Costs

As a cash-strapped start-up, you simply don’t have the money to invest in a security or even a receptionist to handle the in-flow and out-flow of staff, guests, contractors, and delivery people. But without any controls over people coming and going, you put your staff, data, and equipment at risk.

Even a relatively harmless intrusion from someone who doesn’t belong in your new office space can disrupt workflow. Depending on where your office is located and how easily it can be accessed by the public, you can save time and make sure everyone feels a lot more comfortable with an ID card system.

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