Why Bother With SMS Marketing for Small Business

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Small business marketing have seen tremendous growth thru SMS, short for “Short Messaging Service” but popularly known as “text messaging.” It’s among the new media to set ablaze the whole marketing world with excitement in the last few years. This article talks about the bedrock of SMS marketing, helping you choose if a highly targeted, more specialized form of marketing is an apt approach for your business.

Why Bother with SMS Marketing

SMS marketing means sending text messages directly to your future and existing customers. The reason small businesses consider SMS as a crucial marketing resource is clear: the penchant for mobile phones.

As more and more people worldwide use smartphones and basic cellular phones, SMS will turn into a staple feature for these devices. So it makes perfect sense that businesses must add SMS marketing into their campaign.

SMS has a few central rules and limits you must mull over, as shown by most types of new media, before you start to consider using it for your small business marketing strategy.

As a small business marketer, the key thought you must recognize about SMS is its limited number of characters. While Twitter has its own 140-character limit for tweets, SMS often has a 160-character limit per text message. But it’s not always the case, as a few SMS providers impose various limits. Even so, the character limit is a crucial aspect to observe and ruminate.

Mobile devices were originally designed to handle short text messages, so small businesses will find it easy to adapt to the platform.

Why Use SMS Marketing for Small Business

Though the fear to take risks is reasonable for a startup, it’s baffling how entrepreneurs and small business owners shun the use of new ways to market their products and services. There are certain advantages they can benefit from a SMS marketing, simply waiting for them to lunge and grab it. But if you have always chosen to wait and see if it pans out for the competition, try to face the challenge for once and be ahead of your rivals.

How much time will you lose to build your brand’s presence on Google Search? How many potential Twitter followers will you give up to the competition? How many potential Facebook fans will you overlook? How many possible mobile phone subscribers will you miss before texting? So act now! Early adopters usually receive greater benefits than those who defer a new strategy.

Try to see things in a new perspective, under a different light. There’s no proof that a single marketing method is detrimental, bringing a crushing or complete loss, to any business. The worst scenario often leads to short-term hurdles and slow progress – but not total loss. The gist of using SMS marketing for small business is to take a small risk for a big result.

How to Use SMS Marketing for Small Business

SMS marketing, and marketing in general, means you must stay in front of customers visually and establish a strong relationship with them. Never use an invasive sales message; it deters your customers. So keep the relationship alive with great rapport, helping your sales messaging make the most of what’s expected of it.

Here are a few quick tips on how to use SMS marketing for your business:

1. Send a weekly tip.

Some foodies love to open a fortune cookie for the axiom. But when you send a weekly tip to your customers thru SMS, it’s a great way to feed their insatiable desire for new insights. The tip keeps the relationship with your customers hale and hearty.

2. Send reminders for an appointment.

Sending reminders for an impending meeting increases the chance that your customer will show up at the rendezvous.

3. Send reminders for an event.

You may create separate lists of your SMS subscribers by location, or a different demographic, and send updates about a coming event. You may engage with your customers before the event thru responses for polls, surveys, and votes.

4. Send birthday and holiday greetings.

Show your customers you care about the special events in their lives thru SMS birthday and holiday greetings. People love it when someone, who they thought doesn’t care about them, sends a thoughtful message on a special occasion. Though it’s an elusive SMS marketing strategy, it’s a long-term way to build stronger relationships.

5. Send special offers.

If you have a special offer, inform your SMS subscribers about it. It’s a great way to reward them for their loyalty to your brand. Send them coupon codes and special deals before other customers on your other platforms.

sms marketing for small business

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Are you using other ways to use SMS marketing for small business? Drop us a comment below.

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