Who’s stealing my images? Guide to reverse image search

Who’s stealing my images? Guide to reverse image search

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Have you ever wondered if one of your pictures is used elsewhere without your permission? Having this doubt is enough to make you worry about how and who has the access to your photos. It could indeed be scary thinking about how someone could be misusing your personal images. To hold your back, here is the smart guide which will assist you in dealing with such issues.

Reverse the Way You Used to Browse

Did you hear about reverse image search before? Well, it is a photo search engine feature that allows you to search for images using images. It makes it easy to do a picture search for a business or personal use. With this innovative tool, you can find original photos, memes, and graphic icons.

When you search for images, your search results may include other similar photos, various sizes of the sample you are looking for, and the website that contains the duplicates. Now that we know what reverse image search is, let’s proceed to learn about the use and benefits of this tool.

Using Reverse Image Search Tools

There are 4 simple ways that you can search by an image from your desktop. Before anything else, you will need to use a site such as to ensure you have an authentic and accurate image search tool.

  • You can search for an image from your computer directly by providing the relevant keywords in the image search bar.
  • By clicking the camera icon, you can upload the photo you want to search using your smartphones too.
  • Another option is to enter the URL into the search bar.
  • You can also right-click on any image on the Internet and select the “Search for this image” option.

Whether you are using an android smartphone, any iOS device, Mac, or any Windows-based system, this tool works best with all of them. When you upload a picture on image search tool shows up results which can be categorized as:

  • Additional size: This will give you other available sizes of the sample photo.
  • Websites with similar content: You can see the websites with images similar to your query.
  • Visually image: You will be able to get duplicates which match the uploaded picture.

Other results that you might get are pages with best-match images that will bring up a list of websites that include the same vision you have searched for. You can carry out these searches using any browser as it does not require any additional utilities or plug-ins to be used.

Reasons to use reverse photo search?

This tool is very easy to use, and you will be able to get insight into your image. In case you are wondering why use it? Well, there are many benefits of reverse picture search for businessmen to common internet users. We have listed some of them below for your convenience:

  • Automated browsing – you can use this tool to ensure someone’s profile is correct and validate their identity. The reverse image search can track instantly if anyone else uses your photos.
  • Measure content marketing efforts – it’s useful when someone reuses your content with your permission and publishes it as well. Not only does it help with their content but give you a link too!
  • Protect your business pictures – this is an extraordinary tool to find out who else uses your photo.  You can protect the image of your business by checking who has access to your content and how they are portraying it with or without your permission.
  • Find better quality photos – if you use unprotected or free photos, you can use reverse image search to find better quality photos for your work.

When you research using images, your search results can comprise related photos, web pages that include pictures, other sizes, and the dimensions of the photo you have just uploaded. Reverse image search could be accessed using several browsers which contain:

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer (also known as Microsoft Edge)
  • Safari (usually available on iOS devices)
  • Firefox

Search for Images Online 

Reverse Photo Search is the best way to find photo and located the invalid use of pictures over the World Wide Web. This method is quite useful for photographers and website designers because it allows them to find and claim their photos. Some often win natural backlinks using this technique.

There are many image finder tools available online to explore the Internet with visual searches, but reverse image search is the choice of millions of users. It is an online search tool that could be accessed anywhere, anytime with active internet connection.

In the End

Photos you create for using them on your webpage, social media applications, and other marketing tactics are your assets. The reverse image search technology enables you to find out if any websites or bloggers are using your pictures without your permission. You can have peace of mind using the image search tool by finding out ‘how’ and ‘where’ your photos are used on the web!!

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