Which smartphones in 2016 have the best cameras

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Which smartphones in 2016 have the best cameras

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Many people looking to buy a smartphone are as interested in the quality of the on-board camera as much as anything else. Below we take a look at some smartphones of 2016 that also carry the best cameras.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

For many, you either hate Apple or you love it. For those who love iPhones the 7 Plus offers some new goodies: a dual camera, one of which is 12MP with a 28mm f/1.8 wide angle lens and a 56mm f/2.8 telephoto lens. These two are continuously working together making it very easy to zoom. The front camera is 7MP, 28mm f/2.2. This means that a wider field of view can be obtained and there is a portrait facility that allows for blurring of background with pin-sharp focus on the subject. There are a few filter effects and an HDR mode. The autofocus is lightening fast. The handset is also water resistant (but not water proof) and dust proof. However at around a massive £700, you will want to make sure you take out to cover yourself incase of loss, damage and theft.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The S7 Edge’s image preview pretty much matches that of the iPhone 7 Plus but the options and effects available offer greater creative control. There are both Auto and Pro Mode available, the latter giving manual control over focus, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and white balance. Main camera is 12MP, 26mm, f/1.7, front is 5MP, 22mm, f/1.7. Low light performance with enabled flash is excellent. For shot composition the preview screen is extremely accurate.

Google Pixel XL

This one delivers stunningly high detail with utterly reliable exposure metering and white balance. Most smartphones will struggle to match the sharpness and detail of the Pixel XL but it is limited in its applications, offering very little manual control over shots. Main camera is 12.3MP f/2.0, front is 8MP, f.2.4.

HTC 10

HTC have been a strong presence for smartphone cameras in previous years. The 10 carries a single camera of 12MP, 26mm, f/1.8. The camera app offers an extensive manual mode making it attractive to the photographer and offering stunning capability in the right hands.

Huawei P9

Rivalling the Samsung for clarity the P9 is the product of Huawei’s colaboration with camera legend Leica. Perhaps the most stunning aspect of this handset is the quality of low light performance with stunning clarity at ISO 3200. Rear camera is a dual 12MP, 27mm, f/2.2. One sensor is full colour, the other black and white but with both working in unison to ensure superior low-light image quality. The P9 also offers many camera features other manufacturers have dropped.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Boasts a 23MP multi-aspect BSI CMOS sensor with f/2.0 lens. The full 23MP are available in Superior Auto mode (previously limited to 8MP). There are a number of options available in manual mode, but not over shutter speed or Raw capture. The two-stage camera button allows focus locking and exposure like a real camera, making shooting an easier operation. There are a number of special modes available. The unit is dust proof and water resistant.

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