When to Schedule Social Media Posts — How AI Can Reduce the Workload?

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Social Media Post Scheduling 

It takes a lot of time to run your social media presence. Hence, it is understandable to look for shortcuts to boost your efficiency, thereby, saving time and money. Fortunately, there are AI-driven tools that can help you manage your social media. Can they help in scheduling your social media posts? How can they assist in reducing the workload? 

For your customers to remember you, they must see your brand five to seven times. Thus, it is crucial to participate in relevant discussions. 

Ways to Use AI to Schedule Social Media Posts More Effectively 

Data Analytics 

AI tools can analyze historical data from your social media accounts to determine when your audience is most active. This analysis helps you identify the best times to schedule posts for maximum reach and engagement. AI can also track your competitors’ posting times and performance to help with your scheduling decisions. 

Both Hootsuite and Buffer offer AI tools that can analyze historical data. Then, you can integrate Google Analytics to further understand your website traffic that originates from social media channels. 

Content Categorization 

AI can also categorize your content based on its type, such as articles, images, videos, or infographics. This categorization allows you to schedule a balanced mix of content throughout the week, keeping your audience engaged with varied content formats. 

MonkeyLearn is one of the text analysis platforms that uses NLP to categorize exact information from text data. It can be trained to classify content into various categories, like articles, blogs, and more. 

There’s also Amazon Comprehend. It is a machine learning service by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that can categorize and extract insights from text data. It can help classify content types within text documents. 

Content Recommendations 

AI can also suggest content topics and types based on current trends and your audience’s interests. It helps you plan your content calendar and ensures that you are posting relevant and engaging content. 

Buzzsumo is one platform that you can use to identify trending topics in your industry. It can also suggest content types based on what is performing well on social media and other online platforms. 

Hubspot Content Strategy Tool also uses AI to analyze your existing content. It can suggest topics based on your target audience’s interests and search behavior. It also provides SEO recommendations. 

Sentiment Analysis

An AI-powered sentiment analysis tool can monitor social media conversations about your brand or industry in real-time. This information can help you schedule posts that align with the prevailing sentiment or address any issues that arise promptly. 

Brandwatch is a good example that offers real-time sentiment analysis. It can track mentions of your brand or industry keywords on social media. It can also classify them as positive, negative, or neutral. 

Sprout Social is another social listening tool that you can add to your list that offers sentiment analysis. It can track brand mentions and categorize them into positive, negative, and neutral sentiments in real time. 

Or you can use AgoraPulse to monitor mentions and assess sentiment across social media platforms. It can also help you plan out when to schedule your social media posts.

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