Whatsapp will feature Video Call and Voicemail on the next update

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WhatsApp is rumored to present Video Calls

WhatsApp is having a pretty busy year! The Facebook owned messaging service is ready for a huge upgrade with many anticipating features. In order to keep one billion active users happy you must have some killers features. Rumor has it that the app is developing voicemail and video call, and a desktop version for Mac and Windows.  Let’s break them down one by one.

According to Phone Radar, WhatsApp is very likely to have video calling. It’s a feature that the messaging application needs and similar apps, like Viber, done it years ago. Better late than never! Nothing is official but there are many leaked photos of the app and feature and we believe it will released with the next upgrade.

There are still people you are using voicemail. Back in the day voicemails were one of the best methods to leave a message, if you could not reach someone. But, then messaging came and voicemail became an unpopular feature. But, WhatsApp wants to bring voicemail back to the limelight. It is only natural to add something like because WhatsApp supports voice calling. But, how useful will it be to have voicemail we you have dozens of messaging apps. Maybe they want to target people you like using voicemail instead of endless typing.

Another rumored addition is the Callback feature in which the user can call back their friends just by a single tap, without opening the app. With this feature, users can conveniently call the people they want without wasting any time. Currently, this update is in progress and the WhatsApp team is checking out with the Beta Programme.

Also, WhatsApp has recently added the option to send documents, the famous calling feature, security through Data Encryption and many more. And let’s not forget that the app also added the end-to-end encryption to all its messages and contacts in the favourites list. With this feature, not only messages but videos, documents, images, audio files all are protected from the third party applications. This was a big plus for the app!

The last rumor that is very interesting is the launch of WhatsApp for OS X and Windows, so everyone can use the app on the Macs and PCs. This information comes from the @WABetaInfo, a Twitter account that post information on upcoming WhatsApp upgrades and releases. Over the weekend, it tweeted screenshots which showed that download buttons are in the works for Windows and Mac versions of the messaging app. This move could mean that WhatsApp want to gain some audience from Skype.

On the other hand WhatsApp did not confirmed any of these rumors. So, we have to wait for the next update to see what the new version will have to offer.


Image source: Venture Beat

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