WhatsApp’s Native Mac App for macOS in Beta — Available to All

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WhatsApp Native macOS App 

WhatsApp finally introduced its native macOS app. Do you have a Mac with M1 or M2 chip? You can download the test version of the said app. On the other hand, if you are using Intel Macs that can run apps built with Mac Catalyst can also use this native application. 

It was first released in July last year, according to this report. During that time, users would have to obtain the app from TestFlight, which is Apple’s testing platform. Thus, only a few people could try the app. 

Mac users had to depend on the web or web-based client. But with the release of the said native app in beta, Mac users can try its full-featured experience. 

Beta Mode 

It’s important to note that the new native app is still in beta. Thus, you can expect some issues to arise. If you encountered glitches, you can report them by clicking on the bug icon. 

WhatsApp desktop clients were released in 2016. They were launched 15 months after the app released its first web app. 

An Extension of Your Phone

The desktop app is just an extension of your phone. The messages are synced between devices. Whatsapp is also working on an app for the iPad. It is also planning to expand its disappearing mode feature by allowing users to share photos and videos that recipients can only view once. 

The success of this app is driven by the high demands of smartphones. Giving power users a desktop app allows it to compete against iMessenger, WeChat, and other messaging services. 

When Apple changed its processor in 2020, the native client was missing. A year after, WhatsApp tested multi-device linking to one account. This would allow users to receive messages even if their smartphone is not connected to the Internet. 

The improvement was a key feature that has been a top request from its users. The update allows users to use the messaging service on up to 4 non-phone devices without the need to connect to the Internet or switch on the registered phone. 

WhatsApp is reported to have over 2 billion monthly users around the world. It’s also one of the most popular messenger apps in the world. 

Each day, WhatsApp sends 100 billion messages. The average users on Android spend 38 minutes a day on this app. Currently, India is the top user of this app with 390 million users. 

This app is most popular among Internet users aged between 26 and 35. 

Despite amassing millions of users in the world, it still has not contributed substantially to the parent company’s bottom line. It has introduced various tools to businesses so that they can connect to their customers. But some business owners are still not using it. 

Several startups have built their businesses around WhatsApp. However, the immense popularity of the app also created challenges. It has been used by many to spread false information. Messages are impossible to trace. Thanks to WhatsApp’s encryption technology.

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