WhatsApp’s dark mode now widely available on iOS and Android

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Credit: https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/3/21162387/whatsapp-dark-mode-ios-android-download-features-release-date

After months of testing, dark mode is finally available to all users on both iOS and Android. What that means is that everyone can now use the messaging app’s latest dark theme to chat even while the light in the room is not bright without any strain to the eyes.

Recall that the Facebook-owned app began testing the dark mode a couple of months ago through its beta program. The beta testing was, however, restricted to a handful of users who already signed up to the beta program.

Speculations surrounding the dark mode were on for months with millions of people expecting the feature to become available even before the end of 2019. It is not like dark mode is a new technology—major apps including Facebook Messenger [WhatsApp’s sister app], and a host of others have welcomed it in the recent past.

During testing we found that combining pure black and white creates high contrast that can lead to eye fatigue,” says a WhatsApp spokesperson per The Verge. “So instead, you’ll notice a special dark gray background and off-white color that lowers the brightness of the screen, cuts down the glare, and improves contrast and readability.”

On iOS, the dark theme will be pure black, while on Android it will be darker grey. Updates are already available in the respective stores, and all you have to do is to update your version to the current one.

Android 10 and iOS 13 users do not have to do anything if dark mode is already activated on their devices as this will automatically switch over. Android 9 users, however, can enable the dark them through the settings menu.

Founded 11 years ago, and later bought over by Facebook; WhatsApp has become the most used chat app in the world. The story of the app has been one of many successes—though, it has endured a couple of rough patches along the line. Last month, WhatsApp announced that it now has 2 billion users across the world—making it the only app after its parent app Facebook to achieve that milestone.

In 2018, WhatsApp said it had 1.5 billion users. February’s announcement, however, shows that the app has now added more than half a billion users since then. While the Facebook-owned app has had its fair share of difficult moments in the last two years, it has demonstrated incredible ability to overcome the challenges.

One of many challenges the app would try to overcome is increasing doubts over its encryption feature. Talking about encryption, Telegram founder Pavel Durov made a shocking backdoor claim about WhatsApp. The Telegram founder described WhatsApp as “dangerous” to use.

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