WhatsApp’s chat history migration from Android to iOS now officially available

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WhatsApp has finally made it official—you can now migrate your chat history from Android to iOS and vice versa. Going forward, all users across both platforms will be able to migrate their chat history.

The ability to move chat history from one operating system to the other was one of the most heavily-requested features in the last one year. It is now safe to say the official roll out is a dream come true for millions of WhatsApp users across the world.

There are, however, a few things you need to know to get started. Per 9to5mac, here are some of the things you need to know:

  1. Android OS Lollipop, SDK 21 or above, or Android 5 or above installed on your Android device
  2. iOS 15.5 or above installed on your iPhone 
  3. Move to iOS app installed on your Android phone
  4. WhatsApp iOS version or above on your new device
  5. WhatsApp Android version or above on your old device
  6. Use the same phone number as your old phone on your new device
  7. Your iPhone must be factory new or reset to factory settings to pair with the Move to iOS app and move data from your Android phone
  8. Both of your devices must be connected to a power source
  9. Both of your devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network or you’ll need to connect your Android device to your iPhone’s hotspot.

For those transferring their WhatsApp data from iOS, it is important to do an iCloud backup to use cloud storage. According to WhatsApp, your data is safe and cannot be seen by anyone during this process.

WhatsApp’s announcement would come as a relief for users who always wanted a way to transfer their data from iOS to Android and vice vasa. This has now become a reality from today.

A couple of months ago, WhatsApp’s new privacy control feature has rolled out to more users. The updated feature will provide users greater control over who can view or access their profile photo, About, Last Seen, and Status. The update was first rolled out to beta testers sometimes last year, but is now available to every user.

Prior to the update, users could choose to have their Status, Last Seen, and About info visible to limited number of people. The new update, however, allows you to choose from a number of options and possibilities including “My contacts except…” It means you can choose to allow all your contacts to view your profile photo, Status, with the exception of some users.

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