WhatsApp users now have option to choose HD or regular image quality

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We just have to give it to WhatsApp; lately, the chat app has been doing great work in terms of the quality of features being added. Now, users will have the option to choose HD or regular image quality during uploads.

The new option will provide another way to share images in your messages. Such images, however, will have a HD logo appearing on uploaded visuals for those that have the option available. The logo will enable you to control how your uploaded pictures appear.

Adding the option will come in handy for users in areas with low connectivity, as they will be able to switch between the two. Whichever quality you choose, both options are still subject to WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption defaults.

Recipients will also see a small HD icon on images shared in higher resolution from WhatsApp. 

The ability to switch between HD and regular image uploads will roll out across Android, iOS, and the web in the coming weeks, according to Meta.

In related news, WhatsApp is rolling out a new screen-sharing feature for video calls within the app. It means you can now share your device’s screen with other users during a video call. 

With the new screen-sharing element, the WhatsApp app can be used for presentations. 

Adding a screen-sharing element to the app makes a lot of sense when you consider the fact that video calling on WhatsApp now accommodates up to 32 participants. 

The head of WhatsApp at Meta, Will Cathcart, wrote this on Twitter:

“Screen sharing on WhatsApp video calls starts rolling out today. We’ve heard a lot of requests for this and are excited for people to start using it!”

WhatsApp has also rolled out a new instant video messaging element. The new feature allows you to share recorded video messages of up to 60 seconds with friends and family.

To make video recording easier for users, WhatsApp has added a new video option to the voice note button. To record an instant video message, simply tap the voice note button, which will first start a three-second countdown.

You can swipe up on the shutter to record a video hands-free. Video recording starts with the front camera by default, but you can switch to your phone’s rear camera.

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Author: Ola Ric

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