WhatsApp users making 100 million calls every day

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WhatsApp 100 Million Calls

WhatsApp 100 Million Calls A Day

Once again, WhatsApp is proving to be the app that everyone would love to have when it comes to communicating with friends and loved ones. So many additions and changes have been made to the app since Facebook acquired it about two years ago. Now the company has announced that users are making more than 100 million calls every day.

When you break down that figure, it means users are making over 1,100 calls per second—that’s quite impressive considering it’s a little over a year since that feature was added. Actually most of those calls were repeated ones (multiple calls from individuals), but it does show the level of confidence users have in the feature as well as WhatsApp itself.

“Today, more than 100 million voice calls are made every day on WhatsApp – that’s over 1,100 calls a second! We’re humbled that so many people have found this feature useful, and we’re committed to making it even better in the months to come,” according to a statement on WhatsApp’s official blog on Thursday.

Data wise, calls on WhatsApp are incredibly cheaper compares to international rates. Since it was introduced, the feature has sort of reduced spending on international calls for most users—another reason why it is not a surprise it has achieved so much in a short time. The app is fast turning into a one-stop communication stool where users can chat and make voice calls just by using the data on their mobile or smartphone.

WhatsApp may not have stopped other data-calling services from operating, but it has succeeded in attracting millions of people to its ubiquitous approach to making voice calls and chatting. Skype doesn’t boast of such ability, especially when you consider the fact that most people use the app on their PCs. Yet, the time it took WhatsApp to achieve this significant milestone is quite impressive.


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Why Skype and other communication apps should be worried

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and this alone should make rival chat apps worry about what lies ahead in terms of competition. However, that is not the main worry here—the fact that WhatsApp is already working on a video call feature which should be available from next update [probably], is quite intimidating for rivals. Video calls on-the-go is the real deal for users right now, and I don’t see how WhatsApp won’t record more significant success if this feature eventually sees the light of the day.

Skype has been the dominant force in the last 12 years or thereabout; but it still doesn’t boast of the kind of presence WhatsApp has. Of course, video call is nothing new to Viber users, but still it doesn’t boast the same capacity has Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

While we await the next updates to see if video calls will indeed be added to WhatsApp, it is quite significant to note that the company is heading the right direction since it was acquired by Facebook in 2014. 100 million calls every day could be the start of bigger things to come for WhatsApp in the coming years.

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