WhatsApp users could soon be able to share and listen to music in the chat app

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Image Credit: Macerkopf.com

WhatsApp is not letting go its dominance of the mobile messaging world as rumors of new updates to include sharing and playing music within the app are making the rounds.

German tech site, Macerkopf reports that users of the chat app could soon start sharing and playing music inside the messaging app. Music stored locally on your device as well as tracks from Apple music will be available for users to play without exiting the app.

The German site said it has been going through the developer version of WhatsApp, and has observed a new feature that allows you to share music with those on your contact lists. Tracks from Apple Music as well as music stored locally on your device can be shared or played with your contacts.

Ostensibly, the new feature will work by allowing you to share a track, which the recipient had seen via your album artwork and a music icon—of course, he or she would be able to tap to listen.

At the moment, WhatsApp users are only able to send and receive pictures, videos and documents to their contacts.

Macerkopf adds that WhatsApp’s upcoming update will also include the ability to create public groups—which would then give access to anyone with a relevant link to join a chat.

Like Twitter, WhatsApp is also rumored to be working on a new feature in the forthcoming update which will allow users engage their contacts in a quick chat. Called “Mention,” according to the German site, you will be able to quickly chat with people in your address book.

Not done with emojis, WhatsApp is also rumored to be working on adding giant emojis that will be displayed three times larger than what is currently being used by users of the chat app.

At the moment, these are mere speculations and things could still change before the updates are finally released by the Facebook-owned messaging app. Should all work as speculated by the Macerkopf, WhatsApp users are in for a wonderful time ahead as things can only get better for an application that continues to enjoy tremendous usage by users all over the world.

WhatsApp is an app on the up; especially since it was acquired by Facebook two years ago. Loads of amazing features and updates have been made, and more will likely be made in the coming years to further shore up its grip.

In April 2015, WhatsApp added a voice calling feature to enable users initiate and receive calls via their mobile data. Since that update, users of the app have been making calls within the app; leading to a record 100 million calls in 14 months. That in itself is a record not even Skype can boast of—but of course, Skype doesn’t boast of WhatsApp’s ubiquitous nature, which gives it a wider coverage.

Rumors of video call within the app are also being touted in the media, which could yet extend WhatsApp’s dominance of the mobile messaging world.

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