WhatsApp updates iOS version with ability to reply privately in Groups

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WhatsApp for iPhone has welcomed some new updates in order to improve how people use the messaging app. It is actually the very first update of the new year, and users can now access among other features, the ability to chat privately with another member within a group.

While the reply privately within a group is one feature that has been available on the Android version for a while, those on iOS now also have access to privately respond to chat within a group.

A changelog published in the App Store showed that the new version of the app for iPhone, which is version 2.19.10 will allow for private response among members within groups. Reply privately is not the only feature added to this update; other features like 3D Touch support to preview a contact’s status, and ability to add stickers to photos and videos.

To use the reply privately feature, simply tap and hold a message in a group chat and select ‘More,’ then select ‘Reply Privately.’ That said, you will have to update your version to 2.19.10 to be able to access the new features.

3D Touch to preview status is another feature that users of the app can now use. Going forward, iPhone users will be able to 3D Touch to preview a contact’s status in the Status tab. Also, the preview screen will now let users Mute a status if they choose to. This feature, however, will only work on iPhone versions that support 3D Touch, which was introduced by Apple in 2015.

According to the official changelog, it is now possible for WhatsApp users on iPhone to edit a photo or a video to add stickers just by tapping on the smiley icon. You can add stickers to a new photo or video or on an existing photo or video from your Camera Roll. To edit your photo or video, simply tap on the smiley icon where you will see the stickers that you can choose from and add to your media.

Last month, WhatsApp redesigned the process of initiating a call within a group so you can make a group call within a few clicks. The new design allows you to go to the group where the person you want to call is a member, tap on the phone icon at the top-right corner of the screen to make your call. The next screen presents you with the option to tap on the contacts within the group you want to call, tap the voice or video button, and you are good to go.

In addition to that, WhatsApp has added a new way to make group calls from the Calls tab. This addition allows you to tap the new Call icon atop the right corner of the screen, select the contacts you want to call and choose the video or voice icon to make a call. Quality of calls, however, depends on how strong and efficient your local network is.

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