WhatsApp updates app with ability to share contact card

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Image Credit: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to share contact card on Windows. The roll out is on the hills of a recent launch of calls tab, which allows you to track of your call history within the app sidebar.

According to WABetaInfo, you can now share contact cards right within the same chat where there already exist a feature that lets you create polls and share files.

The entry point “Contact” will show up if the feature is already enabled on your WhatsApp account. With the contact feature, you will be able to share card so the recipient can easily add it to his address book.

While this is not a major feature, it is worthy of note that WhatsApp has been adding some new features lately, and it is something to be happy about.

Some users already have access to the functionality as beta users. You may need to install the WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2247.2.0 update available on the Microsoft Store to be able to use it. However, this may take a couple of days before it becomes available.

More WhatsApp news, the app’s Polling feature is now widely available to Windows users. This is coming after the feature became widely available to all iOS users.

Recall that the feature was first reported by reliable tech blogger WABetaInfo about a month ago. Then, it was not possible for users to create polls; but they could at least view and vote for polls created by other members within a group. Now, some beta users can create polls in addition to being able to view and vote.

How to create a poll on WhatsApp

First, you need to click on the attach file icon placed next to the chat bar. A poll shortcut will appear showing the polling button along with others, same way it appears on Android, Desktop, and iOS. You will be able to add up to 12 options to the poll. The polling feature is available for both group and individual chats, and is end-to-end.

In order to improve security and keep your chats private, WhatsApp is reportedly working on screen lock on desktop beta. This was spotted by reliable tech blogger WABetaInfo.

According to the tracker, the upcoming update will let you set a password to protect your account on desktop beta.

Recall that WhatsApp added a similar feature to the mobile version of its app some three years ago. The upcoming update will of course, improve the security of WhatsApp on desktop by adding additional layer of protection to it.

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