WhatsApp updated with “Forwarded” message label

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Credit: https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo/status/1004821702394728448

WhatsApp has updated the Android version of its app to version 2.18.179; though, still in beta. When next you forward a message to another user, a “Forwarded” label will appear at the top of the message.

Reliable tech blogger WABetaInfo who has developed a knack for breaking WhatsApp related news, reports that the feature is now available to Android users, even though it is still in beta.

Maybe not the kind of update many would have loved to see, but it does remove the stress of having to personally inform recipients of a message that the chat was copied.

It also solves the problem of not given proper credit to the original owner of a message, though it does not give room for the name of the owner to be added to the label.

Yours truly has tried the new feature, and it seems cool; at least it labels pictures as well. What that means is that all forwarded images will be labeled as “Forwarded,” and that is fine by me.

Going by several replies to the tweet posted by WABetaInfo, the feature has an impressive spread—users in different countries including India, Germany, Italy, the USA, Turkey, and many others have already accessed it.

Credit: https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo/status/1004821702394728448

WhatsApp recently upgraded its app for Windows phone to version 2.18.106. Though, a small update, it is important to bring it to the notice of Windows phone users that the Live Location feature is now live. What that means is that you can now share your current location with your close contacts.

To try the feature, simply open a chat and tap the Attach icon, then Location. You will see a new option called Share live location. You can choose how long the Live Location will be shared in a specific chat if you select it.

Just like in other versions [iOS and Android], a new alert will inform you what is the Live Location, and that you can stop sharing it whenever you feel like.

To stop sharing it after sending the Live Location, a new bubble in the chat will be displayed, and you can then choose to stop it, reports WABetaInfo.

Live Location is integrated with WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, which means you and the recipient can see it. To further keep your conversation private, you can choose to delete a Live Location for everyone—giving WhatsApp permission to automatically stop sharing it.

On group video calls, Facebook recently announced during its annual F8 developer conference that the feature will soon be added to WhatsApp. The group video calls, according to WhatsApp director Mubarik Imam, will be rolling out in the next couple of months.

The Verge reports that the example video indicates that “calls will allow four people to simultaneously participate.” With over 450 million daily users, and over 2 billion minutes of video and audio calls daily through the app, there is no doubt that the time to step up the game is now.

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