WhatsApp to roll out third-party chat support

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WhatsApp is finalizing plans to allow other messaging networks, including Telegram, into its network.

In a recent interview with Wired, Dick Brouwer, an engineering director at WhatsApp, said the app is preparing to allow other messaging networks in its app.

There’s real tension between offering an easy way to offer this interoperability to third parties whilst at the same time preserving the WhatsApp privacy, security, and integrity bar. I think we’re pretty happy with where we’ve landed,” he told Wired.

Gatekeepers such as WhatsApp and Messenger are required by the 2022 Digital Marketing Acts to allow other chat apps to use their services.

Meta, the parent company, is also working to allow other third-party chat apps to have access to Messenger. The plan is to limit it at this early stage to one-on-one chats where users can send text, audio, video, images, and files across apps.

According to an earlier report by WABetaInfo, the new experience will live within a new sub-menu on top of the inbox called “Third-party chats.

The feature, according to Brouwer, will be optional for all users to avoid scams and spam.

I can choose whether or not I want to participate in being open to exchanging messages with third parties. This is important, because it could be a big source of spam and scams,” he said.

WhatsApp recently launched a feature that allows users to share files as large as 2GB. WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is now working on a Bluetooth file sharing element for nearby users.

The new tool will make file-sharing easier and more attractive on Android. When using the tool, both parties (the recipient and the sender) will need to open the “Share Files” section on the app and remain there until the process is complete.

Sharing, according to WABetaInfo, is encrypted end-to-end, which means WhatsApp intends to keep this as secure as possible. However, users will be required to shake their phones to share files.

On Android, WhatsApp is introducing additional text formatting choices. Users will be able to add bullet points, quotes, code blocks, and more thanks to this.

The new feature, according to WABetaInfo, is already rolling out to some beta users of the app. You will be able to format texts within the text field, which is something a lot of users have really looked forward to.

The new formatting options have been available on iOS for some time but will now also be available on Android as well. This provides users with more options for communications in the app.

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