WhatsApp rolls out option to use one account on multiple phones

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Good news for businesses and individuals who use more than one phone on a regular basis as WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature. WhatsApp has announced the release of a new feature that allows users to use the app on multiple phones.

Previously, you could only send and receive chat messages from additional Android tablets, browsers, or computers alongside your primary phone. The expansion now means you can use the app on multiple phones with your account. “One WhatsApp account, now across multiple phones” was how WhatsApp introduced the new feature to users.

With the new feature, all you need to do to add a new device is to tap a new “link to existing account option” option. This will then generate a QR code to be scanned by your primary WhatsApp phone via the “link a device” option in settings.

In other news, it looks like WhatsApp is developing animated emojis according to WABetaInfo. The feature, according to the leaker, will improve the messaging experience for users of the app.

This will work by offering a new element of humor to conversations in the app. The animated emoji feature was spotted during the development of WhatsApp Desktop beta, and will be available in a future update of the app.

Lately, WhatsApp has been working on a lot of feature to improve user experience on the app. Adding animated emoji is no doubt one of those features that will improve user experience while using WhatsApp.

Animated emojis will be sent by default when the animated version of a certain emoji is available so users may not have control over turning off the animation.

The animated emojis, according to WABetaInfo, are designed by using Lottie, an optimized library that allows designers to easily create animations: “these animations are small in size, and it is possible to change their proportions without losing quality.”

Meta is looking to expand its Channels feature to messaging; this time, the company is testing Channels in WhatsApp. This will serve as another way to share updates with groups of people in the app.

The new Channels feature on WhatsApp has similar looks as the one added to Instagram back in February. With Channels, users would be able to get DMs on topics of interest, or follow certain creators in the app. The admins of those accounts will then be able to share updates with larger audience in a new way.

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