WhatsApp Could Add Multi-Device Support and Disappearing Mode

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WhatsApp is cooking new features and one feature to look forward to is the multi-device support. 

WhatsApp has over two billion users. Its number of active users, however, has plummeted. Thanks to the controversial privacy policy. 

But things might change after Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the app will have multi-device support. It will arrive soon. 

Multi-Device Support on WhatsApp 

This upcoming feature will allow you to connect up to four devices on one account. This feature has been found on the Android version and it’s making an appearance on the iOS beta version. 

With this feature, you can use a single WhatsApp account on various devices simultaneously. 

For now, you are limited to one device for one account. But with the multi-device support, you can link or unlink any device from the main account. Instead of the Delete My Account, you will see Log Out. 

WhatsApp on iPad

In addition to multi-device support, WhatsApp may also add a WhatsApp on iPad. 

It’s a challenge for the app to get the messages and content to sync properly across various devices when the phone dies. Thankfully, it has solved this issue. 

The Disappearing Mode 

The app has already introduced a seven-day timer last year. It was known as the disappearing feature. 

Now, the app wants to improve its ability. That is, it will soon have a disappearing mode that lets you set up disappearing messages across all chat threads. 

When you enable this mode, the threads will be disappearing threads. In that case, the chats will disappear after a certain period. 

But WhatsApp didn’t explain if the mode will allow users to have more flexibility when it comes to when the chats would sipper. 

Currently, your messages can be gone after seven days. 

Other apps similar to WhatsApp are offering their users more flexibility. That is, users can set up their message to disappear after a few seconds, a few hours, or a few days. 

Why Disappearing Messages are a Big Deal? 

This feature is important to help the conversation feel more private. It also provides users a new level of privacy. 

The vanishing messages feature is useful especially if you amass huge amounts of data. 

These data can occupy a lot of storage space. When messages disappear after a certain period, it can eliminate the clutter. 

The feature becomes useful if you wish to eliminate your digital footprint. 

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption. It can stop any person intercepting your messages from reading your content. 

However, this encryption technology won’t protect your messages if your device or the person you are chatting with is compromised. 

If you are concerned that your chats could be checked, disappearing messages could help you keep your messages private.

View Once Feature 

Another feature that will be coming to WhatsApp is View Once. It allows you to share photos or videos that can only be seen by your recipient once. When the receiver sees the media, it will disappear from the chat.

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