WhatsApp Multi-Device Support is Limited … For Now

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WhatsApp multi-device support is said to only work with web, Portal and desktop initially. 


The multi-device support is a highly requested feature of WhatsApp. And earlier this month, WhatsApp announced that it would soon offer multi-device support. 

The feature will let you connect up to four devices on one account. You can use one WhatsApp account on different devices simultaneously. 

Disappointing News 

This highly anticipated WhatsApp feature will first arrive in beta mode on WhatsApp web, desktop, and Portal clients. Furthermore, the app would test it on a small group of users before this feature would be available for the masses. 

This site posted a screenshot of the early stage of the said feature on WhatsApp Web, Facebook Portal, and desktop. When you link your accounts with the desktop, Portal, and Web, you don’t need to stay online on your mobile phone. 

The multi-device support would allow up to four devices along with one mobile phone to be used. In that case, you can connect up to five devices simultaneously. 

However, you need to use a new version of WhatsApp on your phone to communicate with people. In that case, your recipient must also have the latest version of the app to activate multi-device support. 

Unfortunately, some users can’t update their WhatsApp version because of their mobile operating system. 

The beta version would have some performance and quality issues. 

Although the first version of this feature will be limited to those clients, future updates will bring support for different phones.

End-to-End Encryption

The multi-device support may also include end-to-end encryption. For some time, now, this instant messaging app has marketed itself as privacy-focused. 

It claimed to protect your text and voice messages, as well as photos, videos, documents, and calls. 

WhatsApp has not provided yet official details of this feature. However, Mark mentioned earlier this month that chats using multi-device support will still employ end-to-end encryption. 

The company has solved various issues involved in implementing it. 

In that case, the company has managed to find an elegant way to ensure that chats are protected even when they use multiple devices. 

In addition to that, WhatsApp may also bring end-to-end encrypted backups. But there’s no timeline on when the company will make it available to the public for beta testing. 

WhatsApp uses an encryption protocol for end-to-end communication on its app. Google Messages and other competitors are also embracing this form of protection method to address any privacy concerns. 

However, this encryption method limits traceability on platforms. Thus, some regulators and governments in some countries want a backdoor entry. 

But how private is your communication using WhatsApp? 

Many WhatsApp users have quit the app because of the latest Privacy Terms it has released. Its privacy label is actually awful. 

Even though WhatsApp said that it’s collecting limited data, it’s still a long list of data and they are all linked to your identity. 

Despite the backlash, many are still using WhatsApp over other messaging platforms. And they are looking forward to the multi-device support feature.

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