WhatsApp multi-device login beta now open to more users

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WhatsApp continues to work on its multi-device logging feature, which of course, is till in beta. The latest update on that is the feature has now been extended to more beta users. I got lucky, and was able to access to have a first view of how it works.

The biggest catch for me is the fact that you can access WhatsApp on both desktop and the web without the data on your phone. It means your device does not necessarily have to be on or connected to your desktop or web to chat with your contacts on the app.

More importantly is the fact that you can link up to four devices at a time. This feature like I said earlier, is still only in beta and limited to some users. of course, you would expect some teething problem as multi-device feature is still in beta, and fully rolled out as of this time.

Some of the teething problems you are likely to be faced with include the unavailability of archived chats, absence of live location, you cannot make video or audio calls to contacts using old versions, and a few others.

However, it is important to note that the multi-device login feature still boasts of the end-to-end encryption security feature. So, whether your phone is available or not, you will still enjoy the same end-to-end security feature available before this feature was introduced.

To verify if you can use the multi-device feature as a beta tester, simply go to your WhatsApp Settings > Linked Devices where you will see a new arrow called multi-device. This is a confirmation that you can access the new feature, and that you can join the beta program.

When you click on the Linked Devices button from the Settings menu, you will see a list of devices that were previously linked. You can click on anyone of those devices to unlink them at any time.

There is no word on when the feature will be fully available to everyone, but I am pretty sure that the beta test will be over as soon as all teething problems discovered from users’ feedback are resolved.

The WhatsApp multi-device login feature was one of the most in-demand functionality people asked for before the test began. The fact that you can now use WhatsApp on other devices without having data on your primary device is a welcome development.

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Author: Ola Ric

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