WhatsApp Launches New Web Browser Extension — Code Verify

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It aims to enhance the security of the WhatsApp web version. 

code verify

Verifying the Content of WhatsApp Web Version 

WhatsApp launches Code Verify. It’s a new browser extension from Meta. It’s designed to boost the security of the WhatsApp web version. If you wish to know if the content of the web version has been tampered with, you can use the extension. 

“ Starting today, you can now use Code Verify, an open source web browser extension that automatically verifies the authenticity of the WhatsApp Web code being served to your browser. Code Verify confirms that your WhatsApp Web code hasn’t been tampered with or altered, and that the WhatsApp Web experience you’re getting is the same as everyone else’s.”


With this extension, a would-be attacker will have a hard time compromising your data. The attacker will also find it difficult to hack the end-to-end encrypted messages when you use the browser version of the service. 

Multi-Device Beta

Last year, the app launched a multi-device beta. With this version, there’s no need for you to have a phone in the mix when using WhatsApp on your desktop. The multi-device system makes it easier to use the app on any device. 

After the launch of the feature, the company noticed an increase in people using the service through web browsers. Because of that, it presents new security challenges. 

However, there’s nothing new about Code Verify. It just compares a hash of code running in the browser. The value is in the automation. It makes it easier for any person to understand and use it no matter the technical knowledge. 

The extension uses a light system that shows the users whether there are issues in their accounts. 

If it’s green, it means that everything is okay. If you’re getting orange, you may need to refresh your page. If it’s red, then there’s a problem. Go to its help page to know how to solve the issue. 

Meta is also planning to release plugins for Safari to ensure the same level of security across all browsers. The system is working Cloudfare, which acts as a third-party audit.

According to Cloudfare

“The idea itself — comparing hashes to detect tampering or even corrupted files — isn’t new, but automating it, deploying it at scale, and making sure it “just works” for WhatsApp users is. Given the reach of WhatsApp and the implicit trust put into Cloudflare, we want to provide more detail on how this system actually works from a technical perspective.”

After installing the extension, Code Verify will begin running automatically every time you access the WhatsApp web version. You may choose to pin it to the toolbar so you can quickly see its findings. 

“We believe that with Code Verify, we are charting new territory with automatic third-party code verification, particularly at this scale. We hope that more services use the open source version of Code Verify and make third-party verified web code the new norm.”


The extension can be downloaded for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

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