WhatsApp is working on the ability to lock individual chats

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Image Credit: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is taking the privacy and safety of its users a notch higher with a soon-to-be launched feature. Though, unconfirmed, WhatsApp is reportedly working on the ability to lock individual chats within the app.

The new feature was spotted by reliable tracker WABetaInfo in the latest Android beta update. The new Chat lock feature will help you keep your personal chats locked and hidden from other people who may want to invade your privacy.

According to the screenshot posted by the leaker, you will be able to use your fingerprint or a passcode to open locked chats and read notifications.

Locked chats works like archived chats; they will be moved to a separate section and accessible via the same. The feature will be made available for both personal and group chats when they are officially rolled out. The feature will not only hide your chats; it will also protect your private files. It will interest you to know that photos, videos, or audios you send in locked chats will no longer be saved in your device gallery automatically, which further improves your privacy.

WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new privacy feature that self-destructs an audio message after the recipient has read it once. Similar feature exists for chats; a situation where a timer is set on a chat after the recipient has read it.

Per WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is already rolling out the beta version of the feature to users. The latest version adds the ability for users to send audio messages that can only be played back once before they are destroyed. Audio messages sent can however, not be saved to your phone, recorded, or even forwarded to any other user.

There is no clear information on when the feature will be available for use since it is still being developed. What we do believe and hope is that the feature may not be far from being released considering the fact that it is already in its beta stage.

A couple of weeks ago, WhatsApp added some new control options for group chats. The new options will provide users more capacity to control who can or cannot join a group. The app is also providing new insights into groups in-common with other WhatsApp users. This, according to WhatsApp, will provide more context for connection and discovery.

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