WhatsApp is working on self-destruct picture and video feature

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Credit: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a self-destruct picture and video feature called Expiring Media. Just like the expiring message feature, the self-destruct picture feature will disappear once a user exits the chat. This will make WhatsApp a lot safer for us all, especially when it comes to sharing private pictures and videos.

According to reliable tech blogger WABetaInfo, pictures and videos will automatically disappear from your log after you have left the chat. Strangely, the expiring media feature does not warn you ahead of deleting your media after exiting the chat. 

Credit: WABetaInfo

What remains unclear at this time is whether you will be notified when someone screenshots your picture. Personally I would want the feature to be able to notify me once someone takes a screenshot of my picture.

Expiring media appears in the latest beta submitted to the Play Store. For now there is no exact time or date when it will exit beta and become widely available to all users. What a feature this will turn out to be if it eventually makes to a global roll out.

Per WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is also looking to add a fingerprint security feature. This will quite obviously add an extra layer of security to the chat app—a much needed functionality these days. 

The fingerprint security feature allows you to confirm the creation of a new WhatsApp Web session by simply using your fingerprint. The functionality according to the reliable tech blogger, is still under development.

No date has been confirmed for the release of the feature, but it could be available in the near future. Of course, you can access the upcoming feature on the Play Store if you are a part of the WhatsApp beta program. If you do not see the update on the Play Store, then a refresh could do the magic.

The Facebook-owned app is intensifying plans to add the ability to grant users access to login with multiple devices. Recall that this is one key area users have been harping on for a while; and just a couple of weeks ago, WABetaInfo posted several screenshots about the upcoming feature on his blog.

WhatsApp chat app recently released its latest beta updates including multi-device logins. Since the multi-device login has entered the beta state, it means we might be approaching a full release in the coming weeks or thereabout depending on how everything went.

Multiple device support appears to be one of the most requested features from users. WhatsApp, however, is taking its time in developing it being a highly technical functionality that requires time. So, while most of us would want to see this feature rolled out or added to the chat app, things might not happen almost immediately.

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