WhatsApp is testing multi-device logins, chat clearing, others

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WhatsApp seems to be working on a number of changes and updates per WABetaInfo. According to the reliable tech blogger, the Facebook-owned app is testing among other functionalities, multi-device logins, chat clearing, improved search, and support for in-app ShareChat video.

Multi-device logins

WhatsApp does not currently support multi-device logins—you are only allowed to login on mobile in addition to your PC, Mac or web browser. With the current method, seamless use of the app is difficult and so annoying; especially when switching from one device to another.

Multi-device login is still being tested, and may not be available right away—maybe in the foreseeable future; but at least this gives us some measure of assurances that someday we will be able to use it on multiple devices. According to WABetaInfo, the test is being carried out on up to four devices simultaneously. Telegram of course, offers more than four device logins; but it is quite encouraging that WhatsApp is at least enabling that ability even if it is just on four devices.

Chat clearing

Another feature that is being tested and is set for a future release [probably] is the ability to clear chats. You will be able to clear entire chats except for ones that you have starred. This feature will enable you to delete those messages you no longer see as relevant—leaving you with the starred ones. In my opinion, this is better than the current “clear chat” option.

ShareChat video

This feature/service is popular in India—it is a social network that includes chatrooms and many more. Nothing much is known about this service for now, but it sounds like something that will improve user experience within the app.

Improved search

You will soon be able to search by date when sifting through your existing group chats and conversations. I particularly love this feature because it will enable me to find chats/images by dates.

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All aforementioned features are still being tested by WhatsApp according to WABetaInfo, and are not for immediate release.

A new feature that will let you add contacts via QR codes is being tested by WhatsApp, according to tech blogger WABetaInfo. The feature is currently available as beta on iOS and Android. You can locate it in WhatsApp’s settings menu where an option to display your own code as well as scan other people’s. You can also revoke if it gets shared with someone who you do not want to have access to your number.

While this seems to be a minor addition, it could solve a couple of issues including the stress of adding a contact number via your phone address book. The fact that WhatsApp does not provide a shortcut whereby you can add a new contact without going through the phone book makes the QR code addition a welcome one.

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