WhatsApp Introduces Message Yourself Feature

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Do you like chatting with yourself on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is Making it Easier to Message Yourself 

Sending messages to yourself may seem outlandish. However, sending messages to yourself can be a perfect way to help you stay on track mentally. But that’s not the only benefit of it. 

Sending messages to your account can be a great way to keep details easily accessible. You can send notes, reminders, or shopping lists to yourself on WhatsApp with its Message Yourself feature. 

The instant messaging app announced the rollout of this feature on Monday. It’s not yet available to all Android and iPhone users but it will be in the coming weeks. 

WABetaInfo reported it last month. It was first tested by some beta users. And WhatsApp confirmed to TechCrunch that it has started to introduce this feature globally. 

When you get the update, you can see yourself at the top of your contact list each time you create a new message. Click on it and you can send yourself notes, shopping lists, reminders, etc. 

You should enable the notification to ensure that you get the self-note. In that way, it won’t go unnoticed. You can also pin Message Yourself chats to the top for easier access. 

Before this feature was introduced, the only way to message yourself was to create a group and add you as a member. 

Signal, a WhatsApp rival, already offered this feature a long time ago. However, the function is buried in the contacts list. WhatsApp feature is at the top of the conversation list. Thus, it won’t go unheeded. 

Slack, too, has a dedicated space that allows you to send yourself some notes. Telegram has the same feature. 

WhatsApp users will find it to be a nifty feature. That is if you’re fond of note-taking on your phone. It works on desktops and the web. You can see your messages on all connected devices. 

Track Your Mental Health

Although this feature is useful for note-taking, you can also use it to track your mental health. But you need to have the right conversations. In that case, if you’re in a stressful situation, you can message yourself so you can process what you’re feeling. 

But be kind. When you self-message, use it to your advantage. You can cheer yourself on before having an important event. It may sound weird until you try it. 

If you just send yourself a positive message, you’ll feel good and optimistic. It may help in reducing your depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. 

It will help calm you down. You can start by always thinking good things about yourself. Instead of seeing half a glass as being half empty, see it as being half full. 

When self-messaging, you should identify your accomplishments. A positive message from yourself can help you deal with chronic pain. It also affects your confidence and body image positively. 

WhatsApp’s Message Yourself feature can be used in various ways. You can send yourself notes, a to-do list, and other things that you want to be reminded of. And you may also take advantage of it to help you feel good.

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