WhatsApp has started rolling out dark mode on desktop and web

Being one of the most used chat apps in the world, it is important for WhatsApp to be up and about when it comes to updates and new features. After making dark mode official on its mobile app, the Facebook-owned chat service has now extended the feature to the desktop and web versions of the service.

For some, the dark mode feature has already been activated on the web, while for majority of others, it is a waiting game. That said, it is good to know that you can now chat with your contacts on the web and desktop without exposing your eyes to the brightness of your PC.

Thanks to Android Police, I was able to check it out via a link provided here; and dark mode is already activated for me. If you are on v2.2027.10 of the web app, then you might just have to go to Settings [three dotted lines] > Theme and change to dark mode.

Following months of testing, dark mode was finally made available to all users on both iOS and Android by WhatsApp last March. Speculations surrounding the dark mode were on for months with millions of people expecting the feature to become available even before the end of 2019. It is not like dark mode is a new technology—major apps including Facebook Messenger [WhatsApp’s sister app], and a host of others have welcomed it in the recent past.

On iOS, the dark theme will is pure black, while on Android it is darker grey. Android 10 and iOS 13 users do not have to do anything if dark mode is already activated on their devices as this will automatically switch over. Android 9 users, however, can enable the dark them through the settings menu.

WhatsApp’s more than 2 billion users will soon get the chance to use animated stickers, which is one of a slew of features the company said will soon be launched in the coming weeks. The Facebook-owned app has announced a bunch of new features set to be available in a few weeks from now.

Earlier on we told you about the availability of animated sticker pack, which has already started appearing for some users. Since we have already reported about the animated sticker pack, we will just skip to other new features soon to be launched by the chat app.

QR Codes: With QR codes, which we had earlier reported a couple of weeks back, you will be able to add a new contact with ease. When you meet someone new, you will be able to scan their QR code to add them to your contacts. That means you no longer need to tap in their digits one at a time. When it becomes available, you can locate it in WhatsApp’s settings menu where an option to display your own code as well as scan other people’s. You can also revoke if it gets shared with someone who you do not want to have access to your number.

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