WhatsApp has rolled out larger image and video displays in threads

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WhatsApp has updated its app to now allow wider image and video displays in message thread. The chat app announced the new update via its Twitter page on Friday. The update is a small, but important one that will allow you to view images and videos in-line as against having to crop them to fit.

What this means is that you no longer need to crop images to have everyone fit in. While this is not a major update, it does make viewing images in message thread more interesting.

For businesses, this is one update that will matter a lot especially when it comes to displaying their products and services. It means important aspects of their videos or images will no longer be cropped just to fit in.

For those who want to post images with a group of friends and family members, this is the perfect update—everyone will now be fully involved when images are displayed in message threads.

Last month, WhatsApp brought voice and video calls to desktop. The option to call or video-chat via the desktop version of WhatsApp still comes with the end-to-end encryption feature of the app.

The merits of having a desktop version where you can make both video and voice calls are many. You will now be able to make video calls on a wider screen, which is quite different from what you have on your mobile phone. 

The ability to make voice and video calls on your iPad is still not available; but that could still change in the very near future. For now, only desktop users can enjoy the benefits of making video calls on a wider screen.

WhatsApp’s voice and video calls feature on desktop does not currently support groups. Perhaps, that may come much later; but for now, give it a try and feel free to share your views.

WhatsApp is adding the ability to mute audio in your video clip before sending it. WhatsApp announced this in its Play Store changelog, while a couple of other users also shared it on Twitter. 

For a couple of users that have been able to see the latest change, the WhatsApp editor now has a small speaker icon located just below the video timeline. You can mute the audio in a video clip by toggling it off before sending the clip.

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