WhatsApp for iOS: Redesigning It for Voice Calls

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The redesign improves the voice call experience. 


New Interface 

WABetainfo reported that WhatsApp version has a new interface. The app is working harder to improve its user experience to compete with its rising rivals, like Signal and Telegram. 

The redesigned user interface for voice calls is being rolled out to beta testers on iOS. 

Since it’s still in beta mode, it may still change as it goes through various development levels before it will be released globally. 

WABetaInfo released a screenshot of the upcoming version. The photo shows the enhanced interface for group calls. 

The real-time waveforms are for calls. The app has similar waveforms for audio messages. The waveforms will let you see who’s currently talking. 

This is useful because you can determine who needs to mute his/her microphone while in a group call. You might have experienced a group call situation where someone left his/her mic on and distracted the speaker. 

In addition to the redesigned user interface, the app is also working on wallpapers for voice calls. For now, it’s not editable. 

WhatsApp has already started working on a redesigned interface that looked more neatly organized. But it’s still under development. The redesign will make the interface more user-friendly. There can be some UI tweaks that are not yet visible in the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo. 

Making the App Feature-Rich 

The app is working on redesigning the app to ensure that it has all the features its users need for chatting or calling. WhatsApp is also getting indicators for end-to-end encryption. 

It gets new visuals to ensure that the conversation stays between you and the people you’re chatting with. 

WhatsApp might also be getting a dedicated iPad app. The company hinted at the possibility recently and it seems that it’s also working on it. 

The multi-device support created last year enables users to link up to 4 devices at a time to their account. But the problem is that it required the phone to be connected to the Internet the whole time to make it work. 

But last fall, though, the app introduced a new multi-device update that can work without the phone connected to the Internet. 

It’s a good alternative to Signal or Telegram. You can make a video call with this app too. However, if you’re already in an audio-only call, you can switch to video without hanging up first and starting the call again. 

Between WhatsApp and Telegram, though, which one is better? Many lost their trust in WhatsApp when it changed its privacy policy last year. When you agree to the changes, you consent to share your chats with businesses with Facebook. 

When it comes to security, WhatsApp may have the upper hand because it encrypts chats between two people and group chats. it also backs up your chat. Even though Telegram offers end-to-end encryption, this feature is only available for two-person chats. 

However, since WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, you don’t know the level of data collection it’s doing outside of its encrypted messages.

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