WhatsApp Denies Data Breach

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A report stated that 500 million WhatsApp users were exposed. 

WhatsApp Data Leak

Cybernews reported that someone has been selling mobile phone numbers of 500 million WhatsApp users. The news stated that a bad actor posted an ad on a hacking forum claiming to sell a 2022 database of millions of WhatsApp user mobile numbers. 

The dataset contains user data from 84 countries, including 32 million US user recorders. 

The actor didn’t specify the method of how the database was obtained. 

But WhatsApp denied the report. It stated that there was no evidence of a data leak. Meta’s spokesperson said that the allegations in the report have no sufficient data to prove the leak. 

Leaked numbers could be utilized for various purposes. The bad actors could use them for marketing and phishing. 

WhatsApp isn’t immune to this type of data security breach. It happened to its system several times. 

Although the company has denied the allegations, WhatsApp has been plagued with various scams and vulnerabilities. 

How to Stay Safe? 

If the phone numbers were indeed leaked, they could be used for phishing attacks. Hence, if you’re a WhatsApp active user, you should always be wary of unknown numbers trying to call or message you through the platform. 

One of the ways to stay safe when using this platform is to ensure that the only people who can see your profile photo are your contacts. 

WhatsApp lets you hide your profile photo from people who are not in your contacts. This is easy by going to Settings and clicking on Account. When you see the Privacy option, click on it and choose the option My Contacts. 

Another way is to block some people. You might have saved their numbers but you’re no longer chatting with them. It can be your local store or a delivery agent. Just choose to block a contact, instead of finding the contact on your list and deleting it. 

If you receive video calls from unknown contacts, don’t pick them up, unless you recognize the number. Never pick up a video call if you don’t know who is on the other line. Keep in mind that when you answer a video call, it will automatically enable the front camera. 

On the other hand, if you accidentally answer a video call from an unknown number, simply cover the front camera so the other person won’t see you. 

You should also avoid answering or replying to messages from numbers that start with prefixes you don’t recognize. Scammers mask their numbers when they call you to appear like you are getting an international call. Even if you have friends abroad, you should not assume that they are the ones calling you. 

Most importantly, make sure to activate the 2FA. It’s a security feature that lets you set a double lock on this platform. The first level is a fingerprint on the app. The second level of protection requires you to add another registered number. In case you use another device to set up a WhatsApp account the app will send an OTP to the registered number for verification.

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