WhatsApp brings voice and video calls to desktop

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WhatsApp has finally added voice and video calls to desktop after months of waiting. The feature, which allows you to make end-to-end voice and video calls on desktop, ends months of speculations.

The Facebook-owned chap app officially announced the availability of the feature via its Twitter page. With this, you can now make video calls the same way you do on mobile—and it is end-to-end encryption.

Sometimes you just need a little more space. Secure and reliable, end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls are now available on our desktop app.”

Of course, you must have installed the desktop version of the app on your system, and have it connected with the one on your phone to get started. Once this is done, you can now start making calls from your desktop to other WhatsApp users.

I quickly ran a check to see if the voice and video buttons have been added, and truly they have. I also tested it, and everything from my end was fine, especially with the audio calls. As you must have known by now, a feature like this depends on the quality of the network. A strong and reliable network is necessary to make calls—especially video.

WhatsApp’s voice and video calls feature on desktop does not currently support groups. Perhaps, that may come much later; but for now, give it a try and feel free to share your views.

WhatsApp is adding the ability to mute audio in your video clip before sending it. WhatsApp announced this in its Play Store changelog, while a couple of other users also shared it on Twitter. For a couple of users that have been able to see the latest change, the WhatsApp editor now has a small speaker icon located just below the video timeline. You can mute the audio in a video clip by toggling it off before sending the clip.

The option to turn on or off audio will be available whether you are recording a video to send or sharing from another source. Though a small addition, it is going to be an important one considering how vital it is to get rid of some annoying audio interfering with a video.

WhatsApp had in January announced a more secure way of linking your account on desktop. The company announced this on Twitter and also provided a link to its updated FAQ page where more details can be found. One of the ways you can now link your account is through biometric authentication. Once this functionality is enabled on your phone, you will have to unlock WhatsApp before your account can be linked.

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