What MUST You Know About HTC 10?

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HTC suffered from years of losses. But it seems now that it got its mojo back. Although it’s still early to say that the HTC 10 will help the company in reversing its fortunes, it’s still considered a fantastic device.

For those who have tried it, HTC 10 has an excellent build quality with fast performance. It also comes with a robust audio setup. Plus, it has out-of-the-box support for Airplay.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an excellent battery life, unlike other high-end smartphones. When you compare it to Samsung Galaxy S7, the HTC 10 doesn’t measure up. Despite that, it’s still one of the best new smartphones available. It might be a better choice that Samsung’s, depending on the functionalities you’re looking for.

It claims to have a clutter-free UI with a built that makes it enjoyable to use and hold.

The Screen

HTC 10 has an excellent color profile setting. If screen fidelity is vital to you, you can switch the display’s profile from different color changes. There’s a slider that you can use to tweak how the color ranges so they can be warmer or colder in temperature.

 Sense UI

The new flagship is different from other Android phones as it makes sure you don’t have duplicate apps through its Sense UI. With this feature, you’ll get one app for messaging. It default gallery app is Google Photos.  That said, you should sign up with Google Photos if you haven’t used it yet. It also offers an excellent package of editing options and plenty of cloud storage for your photos.

Another great feature of HTC 10 is that you have sticker-led themes to the phone’s home screen. With it, you can replace your app icons with little drawings. You can use the images to link to apps, such as Google Photos and Chrome.

Soft Key

This new device has reverted to soft keys. You can customise it so it’ll be on when the screen is on. If you hold the screen down, you can use the recent apps button as a link to access the menu.

Customizing the sound or audio profiles based on the type of headphones you’re using is also possible. It’s one of the most useful features of this new device. You can change it to treble, mid-range or bass. In this way, you can have a sound that’s optimized for how you hear the music.

Swift Key

It’s one of the first apps that people install on their Android devices. This feature is an excellent upgrade to HTC’s built-in keyboard. The more you use it, the more accurate its word prediction is. It comes with a flow option that allows you trace words in one movement without having to hammer your fingers on the screen.

Several features are available, and you can use them all once you get your hands on the HTC 10. Despite its various exciting features, it’s going to be hard for this unit to topple Samsung models. The new device has a camera that’s considered to match any technology on the market today.

Overall, HTC 10 offers features that you’ll be delighted to use. You’ll also find its overall performance satisfying.

What do you think of HTC 10? Would you buy one when it becomes available?

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