What is the best time to post on social media (Infographic)

If you are doing business in this internet world, you might be aware of the impact of social media on people’s lives. Social media has radically transformed our way of living. Right from learning the news to the way we interact with our friends, it has gained importance everywhere. It’s influential, unavoidable, and here to stay for a more extended period.

Since its inception, social media platforms have grown exponentially, and it has reached the peak of popularity online. But that’s not all. Social media also offers a unique space for businesses to interact with their customers. It grants countless possibilities to share high-quality content, like photos and videos. But the question is, will it be worth investing in social media for your business? Will it produce the desired benefit within a given time? The answer depends entirely on your strategy – how you promote your business on multiple channels, and how you engage your customers.

One cannot gain millions of followers by merely being present on social media platforms or by posting images on the feed. There’s much more to do. You have to come up with a specific strategy that works well on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other channels. The more specific your plan, the more effective your execution will be.  So, keep your approach concise. Don’t make it so lofty or broad that it’s unachievable or challenging to measure. Understand your follower’s presence and interest.  No matter how small your business is, come up with a strategy that helps you amplify your brand.

Identify the best time to connect with your audience so that they are most likely to see as well as engage with the content. A well-timed post will result in more click-through, likes, comments, and shares. But to spill the beans, timing varies depending on industry type and your audience. Some days or a particular time of the day may bring more engagement and more followers to your social media business account. Determine the best time to post before sending multiple promotional messages.

Once you identify it, schedule your posts and boost-up sales. But, make sure that your content is authentic and emphasizes your brand personality. Marketing isn’t always about promotion. It’s also about providing real value to the customers. So, use social space to showcase your marketing talent wisely.

For more information about best time to post on social media, see below infographic prepared by the Blue Mail Media Inc.

What is the best time to post on social media (Infographic)

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