Web Social Gamers Versus Mobile Social Gamers: What’s the Difference?

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Mobile gaming vs desktop gaming

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Mobile gaming and mobile social gaming have continued to grow in popularity over recent years. This has perhaps been best demonstrated by the rise in the number of mobile casinos in the market over the last 5 years. Over that period as well, mobile social gaming on various social media platforms has also increased. And this has coincided with the increasing impact of social media in our daily lives.

Data from tens of millions of players across dozens of online casino sites including bingo sites like was analyzed by Optimove. This was to find out if there is any significant difference between gamers who played social casino games over the web and those who play on mobile. The research threw up some interesting talking points.

Loyalty to specific platforms

The analysis showed that 96% of social gamers have a platform they prefer for their gaming. Only 4% didn’t care whether they played on mobile or over the web. 65% of that 96% prefer to play on mobile over web.


The mobile gamers exhibit faster progression in all metrics. This includes initiating more gaming sessions when they play, playing more regularly, continuance of payments and even becoming faster paying customers in the first place. They are well ahead of web players in all of these metrics. A good example is the fact that mobile players make deposits every 10 days. Web gamers on the other hand make deposits every 14 days. Additionally, mobile players show more than 1.6X more game-play days than web gamers. This is perhaps understandable as the average person touches their mobile 200 times a day.

Payments amounts are the same

Although mobile players play more games and are faster than web players, they don’t rank higher in all areas. Payment amounts for example are basically the same and there is no difference in retention rates. This is important because casino companies are increasingly having to decide if they will be better served creating only a mobile casino instead of creating both online and mobile casinos.

What about that 4%?

The 4% that enjoy gaming both on the web and on mobile are an overwhelming minority but they are important. The multiplatform players show a nearly 4X higher conversion rate than the single-platform players. One reason for this could be the fact that multiplatform players always play whenever they can irrespective of whether they are on their mobile phones or on their computer. The single platform players on the other hand only play when they are on their preferred mediums, and perhaps for different reasons.

This research shows that gaming companies simply cannot ignore the value of multi-platform players. To draw single platform players to play on their less preferred platforms, companies can offer incentives through marketing campaigns that are geared towards them.

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