Ways to Change Your Social Media Marketing Approach

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Social media marketing is constantly changing. And because of that, we also need to change our approach to it. How?

Ways to Change Your Social Media Marketing Approach

Ways to Change Your Social Media Marketing Approach

Instead of making hourly updates to your thousands of fans, experts recommend providing them with higher quality content.


Do you post more content?

For most companies, they provide their fans more content that they want to see. But how much post you need would still come down to how much you can actually afford in spending your money on promotion. And don’t forget to consider the frequency on how you post to drive your business objectives.


Depending on your brand, you might likely need up to two pieces of content every month and the max is a dozen. The reason for this is that your followers actually saw your posts but they didn’t find them meaningful.


Instead of posting several contents a day, try making your messages personal and relevant to your audience.

Have you thought about video?

Video is a powerful medium and social media users love it. But you have to consider that most videos are auto-played silently on newsfeeds, especially on Facebook and Twitter.


That said, it’s better to create a video that will make your audience hook to it. Experts recommend the use of video format that’ll animate imagery to successfully grab your audience’s attention. If you want to tell a story that’s longer than six seconds, you should load your brand and immediately grab your fans’ attention as early as you would on YouTube.


Do you partner with influencers?

You may be able to create fantastic content. But your fan base is quite low. Have you thought about partnering with some influencers? How about crowdsourcing platforms? If you haven’t, then you should start now as these methods could effectively boost your bottom line and improve your social media marketing campaign.


Stay True

When you’re marketing your brand on social media, it’s crucial to stay true to your company’s identity. It’s how you communicate your key messages to any type of platforms.


You shouldn’t be afraid to feature your products that your company is known for. Your social media marketing will only be a success if your consumers can easily attribute a product to something that’s memorable to them.


You can provide a video of your product demonstration. But this isn’t probably right for other companies.


But never try updating your social media accounts with puppy photos or popular memes. These tricks may have engagement but they don’t communicate much about your brand.


Be Open to Your Consumers

That is, you should listen to the comments of your consumers to shape your strategies. Responding to several questions can avoid negative brand perception. If you’re outsourcing your social media marketing, make sure that the personality of your brand isn’t lost.


Responding quickly and in a funny way can create positive social moment for your brand. Your consumers will surely remember how you react funnily to a certain comment or feedback.


And every week, try to check your social media insights and find out how many of your followers communicate with you. From there, you can try to tweak your campaign to make your followers engage with your content more.

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