Viz Magazine is Banned on Facebook

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Viz Magazine is Banned on Facebook

Viz Magazine is Banned on Facebook

Viz magazine, an adult cartoon comic, is facing a brand ban on Facebook. This frequently foul-mouthed comic has been in the business for more than three decades. But it only launched its digital platform in 2014.

Respectful Environment

The magazine has already amassed thousands of fans on Facebook. But its page was pulled from Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking site as it violates the site’s rules: welcoming and respectful environment.

Viz is a magazine known for its black humor. You’ll often see graphic and violent content. This magazine has a circulation of approximately 50,000 an issue.

On its Twitter account, Viz posted an update stating that: 

Facebook have taken the Viz page down. We can appeal, but if we get it wrong, we’ll be “permanently deleted”. Oo-er.

But Viz isn’t a type of comic that can be easily defeated. It then followed up its tweet with a mock version of the Facebook Page. It has changed its Facebook profile featuring a kitten, flowers, and a puppy. The company asked their followers on Twitter about its latest Facebook profile if it’s still too offensive.

The policy of this social networking site is pretty clear. It censors some materials that don’t promote a welcoming environment.

In January 2016, the social networking site launched the Online Civil Courage Initiative, a new campaign, that aims to combat extremism. During its launch, the company’s CEO, Sheryl Sandberg, said that:

The best cure for bad ideas is good ideas. The best remedy for hate is tolerance. Hate speech has no place in our society – not even on the Internet. Facebook is not a place for the dissemination of hate speech or incitement to violence.

Facebook is designed to help people in interacting with the family and friends without having to meet face-to-face. Thus, it’s important for its users to learn how to respect other users. Swearing and the use of vulgar language is banned by the company. Although the company didn’t forbid swearing, there are certain types of speech that shouldn’t be used on Facebook. To keep your page clean, you should carefully monitor your page’s comments and posts.

Facebook considered threats, bullying, and harassment as unacceptable. If you’re found to be violating such, your page can be permanently disabled. You may swear  but harassing or threatening someone will cause your page to be banned from appearing on Facebook.

Hate speech is also a no-no on Facebook. This means that you can’t demean or oppress the members of certain social or ethnic groups. It’s forbidden on Facebook. Some posts of Viz’s magazine on its Facebook page might have hateful quotes. These might be the reasons the page has been banned.


Since 1979, Viz has been serving its brand of adult humor through its comic-style magazine. The magazine’s creations would include Roger Mellies and the Fat Flags, and several others.

If you visit the company’s official website, you could understand why some of its posts are banned from appearing on Facebook. Or perhaps, the page has been reported by some Facebook users and Facebook staff saw that the company had crossed the line.

What do yo think of Viz magazine being temporarily banned on Facebook?

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