Vivo Showed Its First Phone With In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology

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Vivo Showed Its First Phone With In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology


Vivo unveiled the first smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanning technology at CES 2018. The smartphone is a demonstration of the company’s continued commitment to providing its consumers an extraordinary user experience.

The latest scanning technology will give users a new mobile experience as they can easily unlock their phone using a one-touch fingerprint scanning by placing their finger directly on their phone’s display. This technology also solves the difficulty of authenticating fingerprint in future smartphones.

In the second quarter of 2017, vendors of smartphones shipped 22 million smartphones around the world. It’s an increase from 700,000 during the first quarter of last year.

On the other hand, the demand for smartphones with bezel-less displays will grow to 50 percent by 2020 as predicted by UBI Research.

Fingerprint recognition is well-known biometrics to secure smartphones. But it has to evolve to fulfill users’ habits and demands for having bigger screens without disrupting their user experience.

A lot of people speculated that it’s either Apple or Samsung that would be the first to integrate fingerprint scanning technology under the display. Unfortunately, all of them were wrong because it is Vivo, a China-based smartphone maker, that got there first.

Some people who have tried it were left baffled by their experience; while others were amazed by it. With this technology, you need to set up your fingerprint on your phone so that you can use it to unlock your device. It can also be used to authenticate payments. It works the same way as the fingerprint sensor that’s currently used by some smartphones.

But there’s a difference, of course. The handset was a bit slower in learning the contours of the user’s fingerprint and unlocking the device using the fingerprint. But it’s not entirely problematic. However, every fingerprint sensor now is fast and accurate. Since this device has a new technology, it’s frustrating to know that users have to experience a slight lag.

Synaptics optical sensor

The company uses this technology that works by looking through the gaps in an OLED display and scanning patterned epidermis.

Some experts said that this is the same technology that Samsung was going to use for its Galaxy S8 that launched last year. Unfortunately, the tech wasn’t ready in time for the release of the said device.

According to Alex Feng, the company’s senior vice president:

“With our efforts in extensive consumer research and long-term R&D investment, Vivo is well positioned to pioneer the development of fingerprint scanning technology. We first presented a prototype of our fingerprint scanning solution at MWC Shanghai 2017 based on an ultrasonic sensor, and have remained committed to realizing our vision for future smartphones. Today’s showcase of a ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone featuring an optical fingerprint sensor is a big leap forward in bringing consumers this long-awaited, futuristic mobile experience. We are very excited to make it available to consumers soon.”

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