Vine – A New Social Media Video-Sharing App

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Here are few things that you may or may not know about the new Vine App.

For a start, it was debuted in June 2012, and was swiftly bought by Twitter on the 5th of October 2012. They modified it and launched in January 2013.

The app is a stand-alone app that allows people to create a short six-second video that then loops. The videos that are created and uploaded with Vine are visible on people’s Twitter feeds.

Here are a few more details that you may or may not know.

The app is available for use on Apple’s iPhone and the iPod Touch. At the moment, they are developing an app that will work on other platforms such as Microsoft Windows and Android.

Vine for iOS

It allows you to create sex-second videos

The first unexpected (but frankly obvious) surprise was just how much porn was created and uploaded. Hundreds of thousands of six-second pornography clips appeared within weeks of its launch.

It is already age limited to 17+

Due to the unexpected surge in adult material on Vine, the Apple app store has already added a 17+-age rating on the app. Vine also started issuing warnings, saying that posts may contain sensitive content that is not for everybody.

Twitter are either not watching…or they are

One early Monday morning, it was noted that the user “nsfwvine” had received the “Editor’s Pick” badge–even though that user was a notorious porn uploader. So either the people at Twitter are not watching what they are doing (not watching), or they are watching pornography and rating it highly (are watching). A spokesperson with Twitter, told NBC news that the badge was removed as soon as the company noticed it. They said that it was a simple human error.

It has already caused anger

The early versions of the Vine app proved to be very buggy and when the App started to fail, a lot of very angry Tweets were seen kicking around Twitter. Many people claimed that they had wasted valuable minutes creating their Vine video, only for it to not upload. Many people complained that they had tried several times to get their video to upload, only to fail miserably.

Lots of people saw Vine coming

Twitter is the ultimate micro-blogging site that has somehow ensnared thousands of people, but sadly, they do not have as many directions to go as Facebook or Google+ do. So going from 140 Characters to six-second videos seems like a natural evolution. They are a micro blogging site, and are now a micro Vlogging site.

Rumors swirl about Facebook

If the rumors are correct, it seems that Facebook has blocked the Vine app. Apparently, you cannot use the app to be able to find and add your Facebook friends. The current explanation for this was giving by a Facebook representative (so we were told) who said that Vine will offer little value for people on Facebook, as they can already upload their own videos in full. When CNBC questioned as to what Vine intend to do about this, they were told that there is now an updated iOS app that allows Facebook integration (of sorts) with a Vine app that allows video and voice recording.

Vine has a problem that Facebook had years ago

Vine does not want people using duplicate usernames. Facebook made it so that you could call yourself what you like on your profile, but your user name will have to have a number after it (unless it is the first). This meant that two people could be the same username at the beginning, but have a different number at the end. However, this still means that a person could name himself or herself after a celebrity and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Vine has a similar problem, but to help to try and solve the problem, they have added verified badges for people with a high-profile.

People are using them for animations

Because they are so short and because they loop, many people are using them to create mini animations. The animations are similar to Gifs in that they keep on looping. They are fun things to add into websites or on the front of online documents. Plus their small size makes them easy to upload, load, embed and share. So lots of people are having fun playing with them. By the way, if you create a 6-second video, and then upload it via the Vine App, you are going to have a video that is short enough to maintain the attention of even the most attention deficit person. It was checked by social researchers.

We can say that Vine is a new way to share your life with the world and be in the center of events.

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