Video Marketing Tips To Attract More Viewers And Boost Traffic

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Video Marketing Tips To Attract More Viewers And Boost Traffic


One of the ways to attract the right audience is through video marketing. Research showed that video will gain 80 percent of the Internet traffic two years from now.

On mobile, 75 percent of web traffic will be video in 2020. And a significant number of people watch videos online.

Video trend is upward. As a marketer, you must know how to utilize it to keep an audience engaged.

In this list, take a look at some video marketing tips that ensure your audience will get much value of your video content.

Make attractive YouTube thumbnails

Thumbnails are small details of a video. However, they can still make or break your video’s chances of getting clicks.

They must attract people to click on it and stick around to watch the entire video.

One of the rules is to use the first 10 to 15 seconds of the video content. It means that the thumbnail has to pair with the start of your video to give the audience a seamless experience and avoid disorienting viewers.

If there’s an interesting image in the video, use it as a teaser. But make sure that it’s an actual frame from the video.

Then, use close-up faces of people. Research showed that people mimic emotional states and behavior of individuals that they engaged with positively.

Put human psychology to work and use close-ups from the content showcasing emotion.

Be consistent with your brand as video marketing is about building brand awareness. It means that you must use similar graphics or logo throughout your playlist.

Use compelling headlines

Having killer titles can boost a video’s appeal. People read headlines more than they read the body copy.

When writing compelling titles, make it memorable. It has to be catchy. To write a killer title, ensure to give the audience a promise of how watching the video can help solve a problem.

And make sure to use the right keywords related to your video content. Write different headlines before you pick one. As you have different titles, you can determine what works and what doesn’t.

Increase engagement with YouTube cards

YouTube announced it would eliminate annotations. The replacement is the YouTube card.

It’s less annoying than annotation. YouTube cards enhance videos on mobile and desktop.

Use it to promote other videos or send traffic to your other channel. You may also encourage donations to a non-profit organization.

Opt for polls as they can give you insights of what your audience wants to see or learn more.

Tag it

The tag is a way to describe your video. It’s a descriptive piece of text that enables YouTube to understand what it’s about. Now, if you have a multilingual market or trying to break a foreign market, make sure to translate tags into foreign languages. Use Google Translate for this goal.

Improve SEO with YouTube

Video marketing is another way to excel in search engine optimization. YouTube offers an excellent SEO potential.

To maximize its reach, optimize your video description. To make the most useful description, insert a link where you want to send your traffic at the top of the description.

Then, use target keywords, and they must show up in the first 25 words of the description. The main keyword should appear up to four times.

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