Video games harmful for core human values, suggests a study

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video-games-psychologica-effectsA new study about video games has revealed that video games can play a destructive role for core human values in an individual, reports IANS. The study was conducted by Brock Bastian from School of Psychology, University of Queensland and some other researchers.

According to the study, video games make a person insensitive and encourage people to identify with aggression displayed during game playing. Video games destroy human values such as affection, tolerance, and intelligence in an individual.

The researchers in their study tried to find out how experience of cyber violence affects players and their opponents in the form of dehumanizing consequences.

The study involved participants playing games with opponents using computer-generated avatars.

“There are good reasons to be concerned: the negative effects of violent video games have been well documented and appear to be more significant than those associated with other forms of violent media,” says Bastian.

According to him, the aggression during a video game playing is more powerful than other forms of fierce media. The reason is that players identify with the violence they perpetuated during game playing.

The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology reports that it is obvious that a number of people now feel concerned about the effects of playing violent video games on human behavior, emotions, and cognitions.

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Author: Firdaus

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