7 Video Creation Tools You Need in 2021

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Video marketing is a powerful marketing strategy. Post a funny video, and it’ll get numerous shares. 

Which would you prefer: watch a three-minute video about video creation tips or read the same information, but it’ll take you 15 minutes to digest the details? 

You would choose to watch a video. That’s why video marketing is crucial in your marketing campaign

Adding a video on your landing page can boost conversion rates by up to 80%. However, the presenter must influence the buying behavior of a visitor. In this way, the visitor will convert into a paying customer or a lead. 

Before you start creating videos, make sure that you find keywords first. Keep in mind that promoting video costs more than filming or editing it. 

Make sure to use queries that Google considered as video keywords. When you use “video keywords,” Google will rank it higher than text content. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t fully optimize your video. 

Once you find the right video keywords, you’re now ready to create your own video. 

1) Animoto

This video creation tool is a drag-and-drop software with various customizable features. Take advantage of these features so your videos will look unique. 

Choose from one of the various templates from scratch and add your photos and videos. Animoto also provides sound effects to enhance the quality of your videos. 

You can try Animoto for free. However, the video result will have Animoto branding. The next plan is $29 a month. You can add your logo and brand colors to this plan. 

2) Adobe Spark Video 

It has several layouts, themes, and storyboards. You can put all of them together to get amazing videos. These features are available for free. 

However, just like Animoto, the free version has an Adobe Spark watermark. You can remove the watermark if you’re a premium subscriber of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

You can try it out for 14 days, with no watermark. Then, after the trial, you’ll pay less than $11. 

3) Moovly 

It boasts more than 175 million video clips that you can choose from to include in your video. It’s a perfect tool to create advertising videos, tutorial videos, conference presentations, and YouTube intros. 

For your animated characters, you can add a voiceover. 

This tool has a free trial. But you can sign up for its monthly subscription of $49. It also offers custom pricing for businesses. 

4) Wave.video 

This tool allows you to create videos specifically for a particular social media platform. With just a click, you can resize it to horizontal, square, vertical. 

It has thousands of brilliant templates that you can choose from. You can customize them to fit your business. Plus, it has a social media calendar, so you won’t forget to post each day. 

Wave.video has millions of videos, audio clips, and images you can use to tell your stories. The free plan lets you create ten videos maximum. You can export up to two-minute vide but only standard definitions. 

However, if you wish to export high definition video, you can use its premium version. 

5) Shotcut

You need to download this video creation tool to use it. This tool supports hundreds of video and audio formats. 

You don’t need to import the videos through its native editing feature. You can use its multi-format resolutions so you can get videos in 4K. 

It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

6) Magisto 

Magisto uses advanced AI algorithms. This video creation tool will choose the best parts of a photo or video. From there, it will combine them all to give you a brand new video. You can add music, set the mood, and add filters to improve the overall look. 

The price? The lowest tier is $4.99 a month. With this tier, you can enjoy unlimited downloads and full access to its editor. But your video can only be up to 10 minutes. 

For business, it’s $34.99 every year. It offers professional editing sites and HD downloads. Plus, you’ll get 5TB of cloud storage. But you can sign up for free. With a free account, you can create a one-minute long video. However, if you wish to download the video, you need to pay 99 cents. 

7) Biteable 

As per Biteable, you can create video content in a few minutes and see the results quickly. It has over 800,000 stock footage clips with gorgeous animations. 

You can quickly start by picking a template. The video you created will be yours to keep forever, or you can share it with your social media followers. You can even download the videos. 

Its free plan has a watermark. And if you wish to share it, you can do so using a Biteable link. The free plan won’t let you upload your own clips. If you don’t want the free plan’s constraints, opt to pay $29 a month for its premium plan. 

Editing Makes Simpler 

Using the right video editing tool allows you to take the elements you shot during production and craft them into your final vision for the video. You can seamlessly add effects, sound, music, , fades in and out, and more, to finalize the flow of your story from beginning to end.

With these tools, there’s no need for you to create powerful videos that take a lot of time to make. You just have to drag and drop the elements, and you’ll have the result in minutes. 

They are straightforward apps that let you use them in minutes without prior editing experience. 

If you use those premium programs, though, they have steep learning curves. It means that you will spend hours of your time just to know their features. 

In other words, they can slow down the process of producing and creating videos. 

Where to Publish Your Videos? 

In addition to publishing your videos on your own site, you can share them on various platforms. 

YouTube is indeed the number 1 option for many marketers. But the platform has strict policies. Plus, it has a lot of copyright issues. 

If YouTube rejects it, you can upload it to other sites. Vimeo, for instance, has more than 130,000,00 visitors, which is quite a lot of traffic. 

Another option is Dailymotion. It has more than 100M visitors. But it only allows 2GB of video file per upload. However, you can compress your file if it’s more massive than the allowed length. 

What video creation tools you’re using now? Let me know in the comments section below.

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